gaming keyboard mechanical Mionix Zibal 60 review

The players are very picky about a lot, that's for sure. Ultimately it is human nature to look around to blame someone or something before you finally admit our position and say, "Yes, I have a role in the bungled case." Of course, such a capitalist society that has had an excellent game machine manufacturers, because they are able to sell more of a variety of different devices, even to come up with a "special editions" or particular patterns in the publication of a tie game.

Mionix Zibal 60 Gaming Keyboard is one of the latest gaming devices may be released if they both tout that blends the best components keyboard together with the characteristics of big game that give you that edge you've been looking for a long time - without the idea of ​​playing technique is correct or not.
The Zibal 60 has been designed specifically with non-touch, mechanical switches, Black Cherry MX will offer the best feel on every swing. backlit multi-level occurs in the mixture to work with half a dozen keys to a turnaround, which allows up to six simultaneous attacks with all the keys, making 60 Zibal true nature of a product for the rest of the masses. Besides performance characteristics, the Zibal 60 also a number of intelligent features which include a pair of USB 2.0 ports, audio / microphone extensions and multimedia control keys for the full integration of the configuration of your office.

The MIONIX Zibal 60 is currently available for pre-orders worldwide, and the provision of gaming keyboard is designed for implementation in June 2011 $ 149.99 a pop, he put on an equal footing with many other devices games (including keyboards) that we have seen before.

As a reminder, a list of 60 Zibal MIONIX features include:

• Black Cherry mechanical key switches MX
• Detachable palm rest
• Green backlight key
• Three light modes, Off, and WASD
• Multi-level brightness control
• Function keys Mionix used for light / media controls
• Six key rollover
• sustainability evidence Rage
• Connect the audio and microphone ports
• A USB 2.0 full speed
• Plug n Play

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