eSATA Desktop External Hard Drive Western Digital My Book Studio II 6 TB USB 2.0

the My Book Studio Edition is a solid book to store your digital photos,worksheets. The model has always been a big boy, but the top of the second edition of pertussis 6 TB of storage and now supports backups Time Machine Apple.

The new houses FireWire 800/400, eSATA, USB 2.0 and humble. The $ 550 is a bit hard to swallow, since there are different solutions such as NAS Drobo offers more features for the price, but hey, who am I to question how to distribute data over six terabytes.

Combining its extensive capacity of 6 TB of storage, and compatibility with Apple Time Machine ® ®, the new My Book Studio Edition II drive becomes an instant storage solution for a variety of professions, including art and design, photography , legal, medical, and a number of other small businesses.
The system offers a quadruple interface for maximum performance and flexibility, including eSATA and FireWire ® 800, the maximum yield is essential, and FireWire 400 and USB 2.0, when the system's flexibility is important.

Fast eSATA or FireWire 800 interfaces combined with RAID-enabled configurations, provide the speed and responsiveness to the needs of users for a wide range of tasks, including editing fast and smooth video, rendering complex 3D objects or special effects, and backup / transfer of huge blocks of data at a fraction of the time it previously took.

Technical Details

Capacity: 6 TB
Performance for creative professionals
Quad Interface
Formatted for Mac
Compatible with Apple Time Machine
30% reduction in power
RAID 1 / 0
user serviceable

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