A strong versatile color laser that is competitively priced Epson C3900DN shows he has the ability to shine as a desktop printer, as well as at home.

A printer is not particularly large (the weight of 22.3kg is one of the lowest in our recent test group printers), C3900DN Epson, however, need a lot of space around him, as well as the Canon i-SENSYS LBP7750Cdn. This is partly due to the substantial 100-sheet input tray, which is provided in addition to the standard 250-sheet input. MP tray falls from the right side of the Epson, then again, you must leave space around C3900DN, if you're used to the fullest.
In fact, we found a little confusing C3900DN Epson printer to use. When you put paper in standard 250 sheets, for example, place the tray in side-on. And outbox the top of the printer is also located laterally. For anyone familiar with conventional laser printer, gives the impression that Epson is in the wrong direction - the location of the control panel tells you that it does.

Paper handling is decent, but with the Epson 350-sheet standard support with optional upgrade to 850 pages in total - not a huge figure, but probably enough for most companies. The monthly duty cycle of 90,000 record shows that Epson has confidence in the ability of the printer to cope with the heavy workload.

LCD screen is large print, making it easy to read, if not particularly attractive. The menu structure is fairly simple to understand, but given the range of options. You can set most functions of the main panel, and this combined with the ability to connect a USB key, it is easy to use Epson without an additional computer. The panel can also be locked - only to be reactivated by entering a password.

Such as Canon, Epson C3900DN involved is capable of 256 MB of memory, and this can be heavy, weighing up to 768 Ethernet services are very good, and Epson will rise to Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T or). connectivity significantly faster than 100Base-TX in support of most of its competitors, this will give a significant advantage of these companies in the future.

Wireless networks do not exist, and there is no possibility to add to this later - but as the generally high prices of these updates, the lack of Wi-Fi, as the selection is not likely to be negative. Epson C3900DN supports up to version 6 of the PCL and PostScript 3 support is also available. No support for most operating systems including Server 2003 and 2008. There is also some support for Linux.

C3900DN Epson is one of the fastest printers, the test overall group, transforming the text at a speed of exactly 20 pages per minute (ppm). Caused a two-sided printing 12.5ppm drop, a bit 'disappointing to fall, and that can make users choose simplex impatient when they could save money for the two-sided printing.

While laser printers are generally accepted to be in a different class of inkjet printers in terms of quality of text, not everyone likes clean text, but usually a little lighter laser. For these people, the Epson can do the trick. A little darker than the typical laser text, the characters are so perfectly formed, like some here. In particular, low levels of detail (especially in our tests, small font), the Epson has been difficult to decipher. The text is generally good, but if you look closely, the characters fall slightly below perfection.

printing graphics is very fast, and Epson C3900DN reach a top speed of 14.3 pages per minute - faster than all the rest, we examined in our test group. Epson is another printer with a color dark enough. But he uses it wisely, producing vivid graphics for the most exciting. Occasionally the results were barely touching the darkness, but the increases were well treated, and overall impression was very pleasant. Epson is not the fastest to process the data, however, and 21 seconds for a two-page PDF file seemed steep. PowerPoint test was processed quickly.

The one-year warranty extendable to three, and operating costs are also very affordable. 1.7p for a page with black text was perfectly acceptable - but not quite as cheap as 1.4p for example Canon - but the page is relatively low cost of color really defines this 7.4pa printer. Only Canon can better than that.


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