e-all-in-one hp officejet 6500a plus review

Although Officejet 6500A Plus has broken any speed records, it was the achievement of performance scores respectable it has a little above average in its class OIA. In Normal mode, the document took 20-page text test 1 minute and 59 seconds, with the first side churning in 12.3 seconds. That puts him in the middle of printing both the $ 149 Canon Pixma MX340, which was on a pace slower minute, and $ 149 Epson Stylus NX515, which was about one minute faster on the same test. The Pixma drawn much closer to the performance 6500A Plus Best mode, but they were both swept away by Stylus NX515, there were about 25 percent to 30 percent faster.

Then we moved our 10-page text and motion graphics test document. Officejet 6500A Plus only took 38.4 seconds to print in draft mode and try the first page in 9.1 seconds. E 'roughly the same level NX515 stylus, but about 30 seconds faster than the Pixma. Otherwise, when we were printing our test documents, we found that when the printer is usually quiet in normal mode, and discrete in draft mode, it feels very much like to growl better printing.
It is unusual for a company focused on the AIO to print pictures quickly, but that's exactly what he did Officejet 6500A Plus. It has generated a 4x6 inch photo flash in perfect condition in a blazing 30.7 seconds. The Pixma MX340 and runs Stylus NX515 (both photo-centric printers) with more than 30 seconds. We were not too impressed by the quality of photos we had the speed, but we'll talk later.

Speed ​​aside, the quality of both black and white text was generally good. Signs of the test showed a dark, clean and well-trained, even the 3-point type is very readable. However, even under the best conditions, some letters appeared irregular, with no density in areas where there had been injected with ink on paper.
graphs were taken bold and clearly demarcated. Less successful, however, was photo prints. As we have mentioned, while Officejet 6500A Plus is fast photo printing, which is unusual for a business class printer.

But the picture quality is only fair to good in our test prints. Colors faded and so inaccurate, and we observed no detail or breakdowns in the shade. On the positive side, sharp edges and sharp detail.

The Officejet 6500A Plus is modest in all: a small machine for small offices and home users who have modest needs and budgets. Although it is valued at up to 8,000 copies a month, realistically, the recommended monthly print volume is over 800 pages. Moreover, even if 6500A Plus offers a relatively high capacity of 250 sheets in its paper tray, the actual transfer rate limited to the size of large plate receiver job. This is not a truck, machine tool.

Despite its limitations, we noticed that Officejet 6500A Plus the smooth and easy to use. The duplex scanner a good commercial base, and 35-sheet automatic document feeder allows you to tackle all your office needs. And its Web-enabled touch-screen, even if very small, through it may eventually prove useful when HP to extend the selection of applications. Last but not least, the original price and cost per page to make a worthy competitor in its class.

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