e-All-in-One HP CN245B Photosmart Wireless Printer review

HP PhotoSmart wireless CN245B model entry-level Photosmart field, but comes with a range of functions that contradict its status budget.

This all-in-one appliance comes with a color LCD screen and a full scan copy and print modes. It has a large square, but with a front loader and out, is quite compact.

HP has been abolished with physical buttons, opting for the touch buttons on the screen. Below you will find a slot for SD card to upload your documents and images, you can then edit and trim on the screen before direct printing.
This printer comes with Wi-Fi and at the same time as installing software and configuring the printer, is that more than 45 minutes to be installed and ready to print.

Insertion of the four cartridges is standard, but we love that black is a high capacity module. The relatively large size of the printer can scan A4, which is completely hidden.

We found a scan quality to be good and on par with the Epson Stylus SX425W. When it comes to printing, is this a good strong team. However, the results are spectacular, with color prints to be rich and dynamic. Similarly, the only text is clear and very deep black.

replacement cartridge for the work cheaper, with a four-pack costs about £ 22 (both inclusive), while the individual colors can be purchased for only € 7 (U.S.).

black ink cartridge high capacity is more expensive, but up to € 13 (VAT included) this is a good value for money.

The HP Photosmart Wireless Printer is a high score CN245B and rather slow, but worth the wait. With very economical running costs, all-in-one certainly gives a run for their money.


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