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Does anyone have the contact no? Several touch-compatible all-in-One (AIO) PC Desktop visited our laboratory during the past year, as Apple iPad Tablet PC suddenly relevant, and smart phones, many of them with touch screens, sold more personal computers first time. However, Windows 7 is still primarily designed for mouse and keyboard, and most PC AIO, the touch interface pre-installed software still feels like an afterthought. Most times, the touch of software, we've seen has been driven by a photo editing program film application useless sticky notes everywhere, and perhaps a little memorable games in Flash optimized for finger input.

HP-2010 TouchSmarts again for the TouchSmart line 610, to seek solutions to the problem of 23-inch display, lies at 60 degrees. It 's a clever idea, in theory, because lying on the display is easier to input data with prolonged contact. It works well in practice, although the sliding mechanism feels a little 'clumsy. (Much more on that later). In addition, a sliding design on the screen the results of some travel companies that do not affect the computer up. A: If your desk is very deep, the keyboard is a place to go (in addition to the turn), when the sliding screen.
That said, we tested TouchSmart 610 is one of the most powerful AiO we have seen to date, with graphics of games dedicated to major international and many other entertainment features of the environment. We suggest that you have plenty of desk space to accommodate it, and a budget well padded as well. Although it starts at $ 999 for a dual-core model with integrated graphics, our review unit (especially the 610-model TouchSmart 1065qd is adorned with a value of $ 1,789, making it the one of the most expensive i-they pass through our labs. But if you are looking for a high-end desktop with the touch input TouchSmart 610 offers the best combination of performance, design software and we've seen to date.

Compared with the last generation, the TouchSmart 600 has a more aerodynamic appearance, with a curve, leaning slightly backwards, which allows the screen to the slide supine position. For this purpose, the upright position, you must enter the top 610 of the TouchSmart standing in front of it and tilt the screen back. You will probably have to do it with both hands, as it has a good amount of force. Use one hand can unbalance the system, making it swing around or running on the desktop instead of switching back.

Once you got the screen tilted back, drag it down is easier. Simply press the top of the screen with a little force and it slides down into his sleeping mode. The blades are supported by a combination of springs and brake pads. (See picture below). Curiously, however, when the screen slides tilt mode, the bottom of the 610 TouchSmart chassis scraping on the table a bit. HP was obviously aware of this, the machine itself is soft, Velcro-like on the backs of two seats to keep your desk and your computer against scratches. We are grateful for pillows, but we wonder if they could wear out or get out in time. We also worry a little child's fingers (or adult for that matter) is trapped between the desktop and the PC when the screen slides down. We recommend caution with children around, at least until they get used to how the 610 works TouchSmart sliding mechanism.

Raise the foot and giving the screen an inch or two of ground clearance to solve another problem we designed with the TouchSmart 610: As you drag the screen down all the moves you, too, leaving no place to store the wireless keyboard. If the screen were slightly elevated, the keyboard can remain in place in front of the bracket and slide below the screen. As it is now, you should choose the keyboard and put it on your lap, or put aside. Unless you have a lot of desk space to spare, it's all difficult.

Another problem is (or at least exacerbated) by tilting the screen is blinding. The TouchSmart is not glossiest 610 LCD we've seen, but in our laboratories, with an angle of overhead lighting typical of fluorescent screen made of light whenever we tilted the screen. It could be a problem for those using the TouchSmart in an office or anywhere else where they might not have full control of lighting. To turn off the lights and choose the natural light from a window near killed the glare, but it will not be an option in any situation.

On the left side, the TouchSmart 610 loaded with buttons and ports. Dedicated volume buttons and a mute button separate living room upstairs, a multi-format flash card is below, with a pair of USB 2.0 ports and headphone / microphone below. It is a wealth of side-mounted ports, although we worry a bit about the connection of things in them if you're used to frequently pushing the screen from top to bottom. Again, this is one of these design compromises that come with innovative design. We are pleased to see HP try something new, but we'll make sure there is plenty of clearance on both sides of the TouchSmart 610, so you do not pass a cup full of other residents or office with your flash drive or an HDMI cable connected.

Performance is one area where TouchSmart 610 is undoubtedly a winner, at least in our test configuration. His collection of components which are results of the productivity of the new all-in-one PCs we've tested, beating out other offerings from HP last year, non-touch-capable HP Quad Omni 200. It is also preferable that the Asus All-in-One PC ET2400XVT productivity tasks, a similar price, but gaming-centric AIO with a 3D display and a more powerful Nvidia graphics card. A summary of the distribution of results ...

As you can see in Cinebench 10, and leads our test Windows Media Encoder for video conversion, both of which largely reflects the performance of the processor 610 TouchSmart packed fairly wide margin.

 Remember that our test video conversion involves recoding a file card, which is about 3 minutes. The second may seem thin, but when converting or editing long video files, the differences will increase the file size.

The biggest gain for TouchSmart 610, but during our testing PCMark Vantage, a comprehensive suite of tests designed to measure overall system performance. It is surprising perhaps that the TouchSmart 610 exceeded 979 million HP Omni Quad 200 points more than 30 percent. Asus ET2400XVT But even if it is decorated with this 3D screen prices, was crushed by TouchSmart 610 of the test by an embarrassing 40 percent. If you need a PC family, which also has a muscle for demanding tasks like HD video editing, the HP TouchSmart PC 610 is clearly the most talented of all current systems AIO Premium. Conversely, if your computer tasks most common lean more towards to come play media files, you'd better choose a low-end configuration of the 610th TouchSmart (They start at $ 1000 with a dual- core CPU Intel Core i3.)

The TouchSmart 610 is not presented as a gaming PC, but the Radeon HD 5570 dedicated graphics chip in our review unit should be sufficient to play most modern games, as long as you're willing to dial down the resolution settings and graphics. To what extent will you recall the settings depends largely on how new and demanding a match is given. Using one of our standard test games, Far Cry 2, we gave a workout TouchSmart 610 DirectX 10 game is quite demanding, launched in October 2008 and 610 managed a frame rate TouchSmart almost playable average of 22.2 frames per second (fps) on the screen's native 1920 x 1080 resolution options with the most graphics set too high. Just call a little eye-candy options left were all we had to do to get playable framerates. (A rate of 30 frames per second is our usual threshold for him.)

Then moved to the new DirectX 10 title Just Cause 2, which launched in March 2010. With this game, the TouchSmart 610 achieved an average of 15.6fps at the native resolution of the screen with most graphics settings enabled. You will have to call some adjustments here and details can reduce the resolution to play this title on the TouchSmart 610. Next up was Aliens vs. Predator, more demanding DirectX 11 title has also been around since early 2010. With this, the TouchSmart 610 was only able to collect an average of 6.2fps with the previous settings and set the resolution of 1920 x 1, 080. Remove Resolution 1280 x 720 and pushing most of the graphics options down, we were able to achieve an average of 32.8fps play.

Bottom line: do not expect breathtaking performance, but the TouchSmart 610 is a fine interpreter of mainstream game, especially when its all-in-one form factor. It 's more than capable of using the popular games like World of Warcraft and The Sims, so it's a great player PC family if you live in the roof.
610 The TouchSmart takes what was already the best PC company in the touch and makes it more attractive with a downward sliding screen is effective in making it feel like a giant tablet. We believe that the sliding mechanism could use some work, and make sure we have enough space on the desk before buying.

But if you are looking for high level entertainment or family PC with touch screen software you want use the TouchSmart 610 is the best I've seen. If the price is too expensive for your wallet, remember that a PC is fully configurable, if you order directly from HP, you can start with the basic model and $ 1000 upgrade components you need before buying

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