Desktop PC HP TouchSmart 310-1125y review

HP TouchSmart 310-1125y , an all-in-one desktop touch-screen is a continuation of the retail trade last year, the HP TouchSmart 310-1000Z, which was only available on the HP site. Its touch screen has long been a pioneer, is one of the few that has a combination of an intelligent user interface, attractive chassis, good internal controls and improved touch experience. 310-1125y is cheaper, easier to buy, and now available in big box store near you. What's wrong?

Previous HP TouchSmart desktop is a beautiful 310-1125y tilting base, a ratio of 16:9, and a black, shiny plastic frame. It 's almost the same HP TouchSmart 310-1000Z ($ 1,159 direct, 4 stars), at least externally. The desktop is clear, 20-inch touch screen 1600 x 900 resolution, which is slightly less than true HD 1080p (1920 x 1080). This means that you can not see all the pixels of 1080p HD video, but it's close enough that you do not mind if you're a real stickler in HD.
Platform has six USB 2.0 ports, card reader (SD and Memory Stick versions), audio and Ethernet ports. Wireless USB adapter (which has one of the 6 USB ports), combined with the desktop with a wireless keyboard and mouse. It is a tray loading DVD side panel, but it fits so well on the side of the desktop that is needed to detect it, when it is closed.

The 310-1125y not USB 3.0, eSATA or HDMI. If the charge was more expensive, I regret the lack of HDMI, allowing you to use your computer monitor to another PC or a cable TV box, but do not expect to see these three ports at this price. Like other all-in-one desktop, the 310-1125y has no user-serviceable parts: You can replace the memory, but essentially remove the back panel to access memory locations.

The 310-1125y comes with a disk of 750 GB at 7,200 rpm. That should be enough for a family, especially if you post your videos, instead of storing it on your desktop. The set of 4 GB of system memory is sufficient to moderate multitasking (that is expandable to 8 GB maximum memory, if necessary replace the 4 GB is already in the system to do so.) The latest version of HP TouchSmart interface is responsive, easy to use and comes pre-loaded with a lot of entertainment applications, including Hulu and Netflix. There are some test pieces and bloatware on the system, however, such as eBay, HP Games, Snapfish, and a large number of e-readers (connected to the shops). I guess all this bloatware is a necessary evil in this case, since the system is designed for use by several family members, so be sure to keep your credit card number safe. You will find in a coupe of weeks that your child has purchased the entire online library of downloadable games, for example.

310-1125y is certainly fast enough to do all the multimedia features you could ask for, and desktops in this price range. Capacity of 4 GB of RAM and a 2.9 GHz AMD Athlon X2 processor for desktop 245th as a team to give passable results of the hand brake (3 minutes 2 seconds) and Photoshop CS5 (6:17) tests similar to the performance HP 310-1000Z (2: 56 handbrake, 06:42 CS5). Gateway One ZX4951-33e ($ 779.99 list, 3 stars) (2:23 handbrake, 04:12 CS5) is faster thanks to the Intel Core processor i3-550-.. Dell Inspiron 3114MSL IO2305-One ($ 849.99, 2.5 stars) was much slower, because it is a low-power AMD Athlon X2 processor 250u II (5:36 handbrake, 10:56 CS5). Each of these all-in-one desktop was rubbish, playing a high-end 3D games, for example. They were all sub-presentation-11 points as fps for Crysis (DirectX 10), and no one could perform a test DX11 Lost Planet 2.

So what's the verdict? And a touchscreen PC, the HP TouchSmart 310-1125y is excellent. It has a responsive touch screen display, which is fast enough for the functions of the computer, and has a great price.

And while it is $ 140 more expensive than the choice of our editors in the process of entry level all-in-one PC, the HP Omni 100 (list of 559.99 dollars, 4.5 stars) 1125y-310 comes with wireless keyboard and mouse , faster performance, and touch screen, which makes the price worth every stroke. As such, the 310-1125y HP TouchSmart is the choice of new editors of the desktop screen and touch, both entry-level all-in-one desktop.


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