Game players have been the most demanding computer users at home. Modern games require the computer to perform large amounts of complex mathematics to re-create a realistic world where players are virtual.

These people must have a powerful computer.

Phoenix Palicomp i5 Trooper  is a stable PC tower designed only for users. Courage key enclosed in a unit that is about 17 inches (43cm) high and about 19 "(49cm) long, making it bigger than many desktop computers that we have seen recently.

The box contains a Blu-ray with Samsung in the front panel. It can be read but not create Blu-ray and can read and create all the CDs and DVDs. He also additional drive bays, a card reader mounted lower and 1.5 TB (1500 GB) hard drive offers internal storage.
These are three USB ports, very useful additional outlets for headphones and a microphone. In the back are eight more USB sockets that use the common standard USB 2, and four using the newer, faster USB 3, which is very useful if you have a USB device to connect 3 "There are also two FireWire ports two output ports eSATA, surround the keyboard and mouse taken and an outlet. Like most desktop computers can not connect to wireless networks but can connect to Bluetooth devices such as cordless phones and keyboards.

Keyboard and mouse with an average high-quality Labtec wireless kit. We found them a bit 'fragile, but they were so beautiful. But the widescreen 24 "AOC model (model 2436VWA) was better. Both VGA and DVI cables are provided, and the graphics card and the input and the HDMI connector can be connected to a flat screen television. If you already monitor, or you want to paste this on your PC TV, you can buy without a monitor is 100 pounds less.

The graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 5670 with 1GB model in its own memory. It is a very powerful model that is complemented well by the main processor, an Intel "Sandy Bridge" i5-2300, and 4 GB of memory.

With these specifications, we would expect very good results, and did not disappoint. He broke through our testing laboratory DVD burning (which simulates a real world task, a copy of a DVD on your computer) and results excellent game.

It includes Windows Home Premium 64-bit, Nero software to make records and stereo speakers Logitech S220 with a good subwoofer.

It is not "platform" fastest game around - you can spend hundreds more for improved graphics performance - but offers an excellent balance between cost and performance for gamers and people that they simply want more from their computers.

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