Color Ink Jet Wireless All-in-One Epson WorkForce 840 review

Epson has recently launched its new WiFi enabled machines WorkForce 840 All-in-one printer, copier, scanner and fax. It's "world's fastest" the automatic two-sided printing inkjet solution for home, small office or small businesses. He does everything short of preparing a coffee for you. Plus it's still 32 percent smaller than the first all-in-one contest.

Epson WorkForce 840 has a very professional and high tech to it. It is all black with silver trim, buttons, soft bright orange, and a 7.8 "touch screen that rotates. There are two paper trays, each can accommodate 250 sheets of paper (A4 or letter size), a total train . tray size can be adjusted for different sizes of paper. This is an automatic document feeder that can hold 30 sheets. There is a color flatbed scanner on top of the machine that supports automatic duplex scanning. The side of the machine is a series of memory card readers that support most common types of memory cards. The machine is built in Wi-Fi 802.11n support but also has a wired Ethernet connection or a USB 2.0 standard. There is a standard telephone connection in the back by fax in color or black and white. The printer weighs 22 pounds and measures about two meters high. There are four print cartridges to be installed are: black, cyan, magenta and yellow.
One of the best features of the Epson WorkForce 840 is the built-in WiFi. The printer is small in its class, and has a small footprint, but it's still a great printer. For this reason, it is very convenient WiFi that gives you the freedom to put almost anywhere in your home or office without having to drive cable to the computer.

One of the most striking features is that it is extremely fast inkjet printer. You can spit out the text of the page a few seconds. Imagine that slow, and full-page image is not particularly fast. The release is especially good quality. Black and white prints are pretty damn close to laser quality, the text is clear and fresh, you can not disappear, and rounded shapes. photo printing paper glossy photo paper comes out and incredibly thick. E 'thinner than a paper weight, the result will be beautiful, but the paper can be folded up ink. Even still, the ink does not stain, and is dry when it exits.

The user interface of 840 human resources is very intuitive: the home screen has large buttons for copy, fax, scanner, photo print, printing, slide the paper, and configuration. From there, simply follow the instructions. The buttons light, soft to touch on each side of the screen changes between active and inactive depending on the function you choose. The recording paper set of options is an interesting feature: the 840 can print a variety of graph paper or lined paper, you can even use your own photos as wallpaper.

I am very satisfied with the process of digitization and scanning quality. The scanner works well, but the standard size paper, there is nothing easier than using the document feeder. It is painless to scan a stack of documents and make effort transferred to the memory card or the computer as an e-mail JPEG, PDF o. The only problem is that over WiFi wireless can not send the scan to a Mac Or would it be wired, or go to your Mac and use the TWAIN scanner software. By default, the 840 will automatically send all the analysis of the "My Pictures" from Windows, but this may change. Alternatively, if you have a memory card or USB labor force 840, can be scanned, then the wireless card in your Mac (or Windows). The scan quality is as good as any good standalone scanner, and scans up to 1200 dpi.

The copy is a similar process for scanning. Copying process was actually much faster than expected. Copies of my pictures were almost identical to the originals, using the default settings were a little damage, but it is not so sensitive. Fax functions as a conventional fax machine. The 840 is always ready to receive faxes. You can call or use the numbers recorded when sending a fax. A very cool feature is the ability to print to fax from your computer, your computer will change the print settings for the fax, enter the recipient's number and information, and send. then sends this information to the 840, which then sends it to you Easy Breezy.

Labor-840 supports printing from mobile devices, but functionality is not supported by AirPrint new IOS's. Instead, it is based on the application, and there are few applications, depending on the device. Epson iPrint using the free app, I was able to print my photos on my iPhone directly to the printer without adjustments are necessary. The only requirement is that you are on the same network. There are not many options except the borders of the paper and the limit. Even so, it worked perfectly, and certainly a neat feature.

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