All-In-One inkjet printer Canon Pixma MG5120 Photo review

The Canon Pixma MG5120 is a sober and elegant design we've seen to fit comfortably in the living room as it is in office. It 's all black, shiny and elegant looking, with appeal to the slopes and angles. However, this is the entry-level model of Canon 2011 photo-centric line of AIO, so you do not get a lot of excellent benefits which are more sophisticated models.

We noticed that this is not just the design. AIO two other sports to fashion some interface buttons are lit when the machine is turned on, and others that are out of context, when they could be used. Pixma MG5120, on the other hand has a more traditional control panel, which runs along the side of the printer near the top of the scanner lid.

platen is a device. The cover is thin and light, and it seems that may be moved easily, if you're not careful. The scanner can accommodate large documents and images as 8.5x11.7 inches is the maximum resolution of 1,200 x2, 400dpi. The hinge is adjustable in the scanner lid, which is good when you want to scan books or other media thickness.
On the right side of your body, you will find the power button and just below a bank of memory card slots behind a plastic door that blends seamlessly with the front of the body. (The slots support a load of Flash formats:. SD, SDHC, MultiMediaCard, miniSD, CompactFlash, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo and xD-Picture Card) Just below the bottom right side of the printer port PictBridge to connect your digital camera directly on MG5120 Pixma photo printing. As for the computer interface, MG5120 connects to a PC or Mac via USB cable, you'll have to give. (Unlike its siblings, the MG5120 does not support an Ethernet or Wi-Fi, remember that you must keep this AIO to your PC, unless you connect it to a print server. )

Under the hood, the bowels resistant reinforced metallic appearance suggest sustainability. The ink cartridge has five cartridges: cyan, yellow, magenta pigment, black and dye-based black. (The latter is used for photo printing.) We liked the separate tanks for each color, some ink jet printers cheap color inks are combined into a single cartridge, which leads to a loss when it must change in a color tank is empty.

Print time PIXMA MG5120 were comparable to their competitors when we conducted tests on normal mode, but has been slow in the methods of high-quality projects. Our line of fund buying tips: If your home or small office is not affected by speed, or if you plan on printing in normal mode, the MG5120 is worth considering. But if you need high-quality documents quickly, or plan to compress a lot of pages on the quality of the project, this is not your best choice in a budget printer.

If your goal is to print a random photos of high quality, as opposed to a ton of text documents, Pixma MG5120 can do the trick. It is not the fastest model we have seen print, but its production has been exceptional in many cases. This model added perk is exceptionally good at copying and scanning of the image focused on the AIO.

If the speed of a moderate amount of good quality photos and text documents and not the top printer you need a budget, you'll want to check this model. Sacrificing the rich set of features of two other brothers and sisters of the main printer, but the economic AIO in any way as additions to your home or home office.


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