3D LCD Monitor Zalman ZM-M240W Stereoscopic 24 inch review

Zalman is not the first company you probably think when it comes to 3D displays and 3D games. Traditionally, this company has spent much time and effort in the refrigeration market. They were the pioneers in peace "amateur" Computers and always maintain a line of CNPS (Computer Noise Prevention System) product. Today we are witnessing the culmination of years of research and development in 3D technology to take a look at the screen ZM-M240W 3D stereoscopic. This is not your vision compatible display 3Dwann requires 150 million cups. This unit, a technique was used to adjust the polarization image interlaced left and right eyes. The advantage is that the glasses of this unit will cost as little as $ 3. Not everything is upside down and looking more closely at what we in this analysis.

We followed the progress was made with Zalman 3D monitors for a while and seem to have a unit of retail loans to the ZM-M240W and comes in a nice retail packing. The display also comes with glasses, a driver CD (iZ3D drivers) and a power supply source is outside the monitor screen instead of building on I do not know if I'm a fan of this idea because it is nice not have to worry about bringing along your package when VulcLAN favorites. In addition, the monitor is not height adjustable, but is tilted for better viewing angle if necessary.
The stand feels a bit fragile at this apparatus, but is priced accordingly. This is not $ 400 24 "unit - as 120Hz compatible displays ASUS 3D vision guess you get what you pay in terms of build quality ..

The monitor's appearance is not so remarkable in many ways. Just below the screen in the center are the typical menu buttons that let you adjust the brightness, contrast and more. The center of these buttons is the power button and just above a small LED that indicates power status. The monitor can use VGA or DVI connections, which gives it a little more flexibility than some non-3D Vision monitors.

There is also an audio port that allows you to pump some of the songs on your screen and listen to audio via the small speakers. Although it may be missed, it is a nice touch that gives you the sound of a desktop if you do not have speakers or headphones handy. The quality is not super well - but I have yet to hear amazing sounds from a computer LCD.

If you do not like the face and you have a 100mm x 100mm VESA, you can remove the bracket and use that instead. This is pretty standard and are fun to watch this screen.

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