Slow Internet is always annoying, especially when in a hurry to get on any website, send important e-mail to your friends, and so on. Here in this article, you must know the possible causes of a slow Internet connection. You answer questions like "five possible reasons why the Internet is slow." Below are listed five possible reasons for slow Internet:
Explorer in not Optimized

It may be that the browser is not optimized, because it takes time to load the site. It may happen that you have installed a number of add-ins, toolbars, such as Technorati, Google Toolbar, so that you do not use all the time. These elements are often slight slowing the opening of the website, because they consume bandwidth. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize your browser, utilities is just important.

Virus or Spyware Infection

There may be another reason behind the poor performance of the Internet. When your system is infected by a virus or spyware, then much of the available bandwidth is consumed by them, which slows the speed of the Internet. Therefore, you should scan your computer regularly to detect and remove viruses, spyware, etc.

Several Websites are Opened Simultaneously

Another possible reason behind the Internet may be slow to open multiple sites simultaneously. If you open many web pages at once, the browser crashes because you have to cope with slow internet. To resolve this problem, you must open one or two places at once.

Less Speed Internet Connection

The main reason for slow internet is less bandwidth. It may be that your Internet service provider (ISP) do not provide the speed you get charged. For example, you pay for speed, 512 Kbps, but you do not get the speed accordingly. In this case, you should contact your ISP to improve Internet speed.

Presence of Several Temporary Files

Often surf the internet without thinking about temporary files. When a page is opened, the corresponding temporary file that the page was created on a computer. The availability of a number of temporary files often leads to a slow Internet connection. To improve the speed of the Internet by removing temporary files. After the removal of temporary files, if you can not find an improvement in speed, then contact your service provider.

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