TRKFLD SLR Sloop Digital camera Bag is a enjoyable, flexible choice to black

Despite the plethora of stylish handbags and accessories for laptops and iPads find a camera bag that is at all interesting or cutting edge is a nearly impossible feat. If you are a professional, the typical black nylon bags that feature up as the most important factor to suit your taste and purpose very well. If you're an amateur photographer, amateur or even a pro who prefers a little more style, you can tote around your camera gear into something that looks a little less as it would be a paparazzi. We tested the bag Sloop SLR ($ 150) from our friends at the Photojojo shop, and it is, you can have style and functionality in one. Who knew?

Although a bold striped quilt designs may not appeal to everyone, photographers and fashion-conscious who want a camera bag looks like a normal stock exchange very welcome. The bag is made in a simple style with a box attached to the shoulder strap that rule is passed as a messenger bag or folder. The bag is made of Sunbrella, a material typically used in sailboats, and feel a thick fabric, but it is durable, waterproof and never fades. The bag has a large velcro pocket on the front of the camera in a flash, accessories and cables. There are two small pockets inside the gadget bag for small items, such as phone and keys. The bag comes with a custom padded insert that can be defined in many different ways to fully protect all devices. This also means that there should be a practical bag itself, the camera can be removed, so it's a versatile bag for travel or everyday use.
After the test, we think that this bag is a lot of admirable qualities that put it in the list of alternative fun camera bag. The format is great for anyone with a DSLR and some lenses and accessories, or someone who likes to carry around a couple of small digital SLR camera bodies. E 'is also an ideal configuration for all those who want to strengthen your purse or pocket Camera Bag for sale when the lead. The bag can easily hold your wallet and other commodities, in addition to camera gear.

The fabric is a plus, feeling comfortable to wear all season, but the durability needed for shooting expeditions. We can not say anything about the dirt, but a good dose of rain did not seem to Portland phase of the bag at all, which remains as clean and dry when we got it. Our only addition to this bag can be a cushion shoulder if you carry a heavy load. The wide strap helps with weight, but if you really pack bag, your shoulder can not do it right. The bag is available in four different models, including Berkeley's classic beige and fun and the water bright red.

We will say that if you like the look of this bag and not have to lug three bodies and 14 camera lenses, SLR Sloop is probably a good bet. He has the versatility to both a travel bag and camera, quality construction, and a good sense of style on his side. Try Berkeley Beige or Navy Sails (above) models if you're looking for a more classic look that is indistinguishable in a crowd as much as the possibilities of colored stripes. Everyone will be surprised to see that your camera bag is so simple and elegant.

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