Toshiba NB505 mini-508GN has two things that distinguish the Netbook pack, although only slightly: a little better than average keyboard and longer than the average life of the battery. Okay, make that three things - it is also nicer than most of its competitors by its elegant design and a lime green hat. Otherwise, the camera is the epitome of cookie-cutter netbook.

The NB505-508GN scored 33 on WorldBench test 6 PCWorld - a few percentage points below the average for the class. Part of the problem is that Toshiba Intel Atom N455 CPU and 1GB stool memory system with software too. Atom CPU, especially mono-heart models as N455, simply do not have the power to manage tens of applications and background processes. Disabling unnecessary ones - 19 of them - in the startup configuration resulted in a very subjective experience alive. But we compare the laptops in their break from the box to better simulate the experience of the customer.
While Mini NB505 is a heavenly interpreter runs some time off: 7 hours, 32 minutes in our battery tests, to be exact. It'll take you across the Atlantic professional duties, but probably not play the video (our battery tests between the seizure cycle simulation in a document and video playback easier).
The other main components are 10.1 inch, 1024 x 600, and 250 GB 5400 rpm hard drive. The screen has a lot of brightness and use the video looks very good. The mini NB505 well managed with a low bit rate 720p video and a half, but he started choking broadband - typical Atom netbooks. The camera offers one of the softest, the nice-looking images found on a netbook, but the sound is normal metal by the speakers sound decent laptop headphones.

The model of ports and connectivity options are standard Netbook fare: three USB 2.0 ports, a VGA port, a slot for SD cards taken, microphone and headphones, and a 10/100 Ethernet port. The wireless g / b / n. The keyboard is slightly compressed, so fingers theft is minimal. The keys offer a good amount of travel for a netbook, and as quiet, while allowing you to develop a decent hit rate. The touchpad is recessed, and the buttons are mounted to the front edge of the keyboard cover - and by far the best netbook system providers have developed a feel and ease of use.

On the software side, piled on the Windows 7 operating system startup, this package includes Toshiba Reeltime - a beautiful document organizer (which is not necessary to run at startup), a trial of Norton Internet Security, Toshiba post notifications Update Center for a complete and very useful adjustable webcam, Microsoft Office 2010 for beginners, and the always useful (or not) of the Google Toolbar. The basic utilities are above the reservation online, hard disk status, and so on. Keep what you like and use msconfig to disable the rest, you'll like it better NB505-508GN.

Yes, this review is overloaded with adjectives usual standard, and the cookie-cutter. Do not shoot the messenger - or a seller, is a species that has adapted to the mind numbingly routine and a little 'under-sized configuration. If you plan on using NB505-508GN what is responsible for - web browsing, email, light, occasional short-term securities - is as good as can be found in its price range (around $ 310 when it is 3 / 29 / 11) . If you want to do more, take a look at something like the Lenovo ThinkPad X120e, which represents the future of the netbook race.


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