high quality camera bags are hard to find, especially if you are one of the go photographer who has a lot of expensive equipment and must be able to load safely and effectively. This means that if you can not be too heavy or too light, can not be too large or too small, must be fair. And if you're a photographer who has ginned snap and send photos as soon as possible, this bag needs space for photographic equipment, laptop, cables, and more.

So the camera Timbuk2 Messenger Dogg.

Timbuk2 - the company is located in San Francisco who specializes in shoulder bags cyclists, style, and anyone with the latest technology gear - Snoop's goal Messenger simple camera in mind: to provide photographers who need it most. It 'a space for a number of bodies, a handful of lenses, the room to ensure your laptop, and all of a lightweight case, strong protection.
Let's start with the camera. I tried to Snoop average, which is enough space for, well, almost the entire range of photographic equipment. It can carry two camera bodies, four lenses at once, or a body with a large flash attachment, and 4-5 lenses, or one body and six lenses. Snoop is a scholarship directory that contains the camera is easy to store (as shown below), with removable walls to meet the range of equipment. Or you can eliminate everything and nothing to fill the three gallon. It worked well for the load of books to your local library.

This second bag is snug as a bug in the Snoop, but it is not easy to put on or remove. This is because almost 1:1 with the large bag so it is the minimum distance between the two, which helps to protect expensive equipment inside. There is less room to move, shake less. Remember, Snoop work for cyclists, so each bit is designed with hard movements in mind. I found the bag in the design of a bag-bright, but in all respects one: the dual system is not suitable for speed. Camera with fully guaranteed and the rack, it is almost impossible to grab a camera before missing a shot, especially since the racks are so vague and difficult to open quickly.
However, taking account of the conservation or diversity of thousands of dollars in question (and perhaps income), the protection of replacing everything. It is in fact three levels of protection offered Snoop: weather-resistant outer layer, zippered middle layer, and well-padded inner layer. Three weeks of heavy walking, cycling occasionally, some of the bag and put in a lot of riding in the car, I am completely satisfied with the level that is Snoop. No-one - the camera or other - has been damaged by my tests. And when I throw, I mean literally.

What is equally important to safety is a comfort. Once again, Snoop done for cyclists, so it's even more beautiful. Although I am not a cyclist, I ride around in a short to try and walk around Santa Monica, Downtown LA and other areas. Comfort is really the most important thing when you have to drive anywhere in the 15-25 pounds of equipment. I filled my browsing on my Nikon D7000 test two zoom lenses (18-105mm, 55-200mm), two primes (50mm 1.8, 30mm 1.4), extension tube, laptop 3 pounds, 3 ring binder, some pencils and leads, and at least one target variable. Sometimes I brought iPad also includes an SD card adapter, or Tablet Samsung Galaxy, or even a pseudo second P100 Nikon body. Once all the equipment, I could walk for miles and there is no pain. I did switch sides, because I got tired of his shoulder, but that's all.

Pockets "Napoleon" style are also convenient, but also flat. If the packaging of many facilities like me, these pockets before being crushed so that only the smallest objects fit without causing an outcry. I set the fish poking Smart Handheld Mini Swirl before, and he went out of Waldo in the arctic tundra. They are clearly designed to hold wallets, phones, perhaps with small cameras and other thin stuff but no major pockets found on the bag.

Speaking of camera bags, what we need is reliable as Lassie. Snoop Messenger camera is sturdy and offers excellent security for all of your computer. It is customizable, giving users options such as how to seal the bag (velcro or buckles) to store camera equipment or anything else. Snoop does not have the speed for photos is not easy to handle when not connected to his back. However, there is no bag that offers security, reliability and peace of mind as Snoop Messenger camera, while looking great.

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