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If you click on the pictures, not only their families but also beautiful things in nature and sometimes almost everything you see is a common practice. This is even more common if the person clicking on the images welcomes photography. It would have been impossible when the cameras were being used as analog cameras used photo sensitive film to capture images and photos taken at could not be removed and the space reused deleted. However, with the memory card to come, which uses flash memory, detect and delete the photos by clicking a button. However there are cases where the deletion of images on cards that do not go with the consequent loss of images of the storage card.
The loss of the most common images of a memory card when the user decides to delete the images when the memory is still a digital camera. This is because I accidentally clicked Delete all or delete a single image, which was intended to eliminate. In this case, you must immediately stop using a digital camera and a good tool to Undelete for not deleting images from the SD card.

Although the loss of photos above method, it is not the real reason for the loss of images in most cases. There are very few users of storage card that has not experienced problems when transferring photos from memory card to your PC. They are often faced with the question would be that of an accidental format. This occurs when a memory card is connected to the PC using a card reader and an error message that reads "Do you format the drive now." Most users click on Yes, eventually formatting the memory card itself. But even after formatting the memory card photo recovery is possible because the data is still on the memory card.

The last and the least expected that the images are deleted after the photos were taken on the hard disk. This can occur either due to accidental file deletion, accidental format, virus attacks, power surges, accidental shutdown of the computer and other reasons, regardless of operating system. However, the pictures lost or deleted can be recovered using a good software for Windows or Mac Recovery can recover photos from various storage devices.

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