The trio is based around 1/2.33 "Type, the 14-megapixel CCD image in the ultra-compact body. The 470 couples Powerflex this page to a Rollei Apogon branded 7x optical zoom lens with effective focal length opening ranging from 5 to 35 mm, equivalent to anything from a useful angle 28 mm equivalent to a 196mm equivalent telephoto. maximum varies from f/3.0 at wide angle to telephoto position F/5.9. At the rear, Rollei's 470 sports a 3-inch LCD panel, 230,000-dot resolution, the only option for framing and reviewing images and movies. These can be stored up to 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) HD with a speed of 30 frames per second using Motion JPEG compression.
Rollei PowerFlex 460, meanwhile, maintains the same image sensor's LCD panel and video specs, but you make a small lens zoom range. 460 of the Rollei Apogon branded 5x optical zoom offers true focal length of 4.7 to 23.5 mm. This gives a little more generous 26mm wide angle, but much less powerful telephoto lens 130mm. Maximum aperture at wide angle is slightly brighter at f2.8, but despite the reduced scope zoom, this figure drops to a low enough f/6.5 at telephoto.

Finally, Rollei Powerflex 455 Powerflex 460 is similar, but slightly smaller LCD swap 2.7-inch device. Total points are calculated in the body is the same as the other two cameras, so even if a surface less, but is also slightly reduce the dot pitch.

All three models come in April 2011 on the European market.

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