Perfecting Dslr Cameras is Perfecting Photography Alone

There are many amateur and professional camera users who use digital models to provide both comfort and efficiency of the initial shooting, taking more pictures after deleting some, and photos, designed to share with friends or save in computer memory.

The camera users are normally classified as a hobby, novice, and professionals. No matter what category you belong, it is suggested that you review and respond to basic information about digital cameras:

Categories of a camera

Cameras can be grouped into

Ultra compact - no flash mode
prosumer or compact - hobbyists
Digital SLR cameras - the lenses, a tripod and external flash for professionals
If you want to master the art of photography, it is suggested that you master the use of the third category. Models that fall into this category are valued at their resolution, among others.


Megapixels can be divided into:

3 mega pixels - for basic snapshots
between 3 and 5 mega pixels - images have good print quality
between 5 and 7 mega pixels - images can be easily manipulated, larger print sizes can be made


Zoom the camera is usually divided into two:

optical zoom factor - which is much increased light entering through the main objective
digital zoom factor - magnifies the resulting image
quality photographs depend mainly on the optical zoom factor.

Recording Media

Here are some common storage formats:

Compact Flash (for compact and DSLRs)
Sony Memory Stick (compatible with other Sony devices)

Media Smart v.

storage sizes ranging from 64 K, which can store a dozen 3-megapixel images, 1G can store about 500 images with the same megapixel


You should take the camera and its accessories in place.


Stand can be used in timer mode and maintain constant attention.

lenses and filters

There are digital cameras that allow additional lenses that came with the main objective, or may be completely interchangeable lenses.

Lenses can be categorized as follows:

macro lens - you can get closer to objects like insects and flowers
Wide Angle - reference points used for storage, and landscapes of large and wide
telephoto lens - allows longer the zoom to get close to objects that are relatively safe

Filters, on the other hand used to:

mitigate the effect of image
provides blur on the edge of portraits that have sensitive moods
More flashes of light, and the image have a dramatic
reduce glare so that pictures appear more saturated, crisp, and alive.
Here are some basic strategies on how to capture the image:

Holding the Camera

You must keep the camera steady and keep your fingers spare interfere with the target. This skill usually takes some practice.


To keep the camera shake, it is best to press the camera until it is able to block the view of development forward while pressing the shutter button.
You can also use a tripod for better focus.


Take pictures and capture, if necessary, after the preview on the LCD screen.


Keep a scrapbook of your best photos, so you can refer to them as you continue to work your way to become great photographers.

Once acquired using a simple compact, especially digital SLRs, you can certainly take pictures using other cameras with ease and perfection.


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