Pentax has announced the latest entry in his series Chameleon customizable digital cameras, RS1500, which has a spiral design that allows each device is unique.

The box of the pentax camera can be changed depending on an individual user's emotions - without tools - by adding or removing the skin before, offering a variety of colors and styles for a user to choose, according mood.
Although the digital camera pentax comes with ten skins standard, users are also the five skins white paper pre-cut - which can be printed on any standard home printer, a user can create a unique design, with his camera.

The camera lens also has two rings, one orange and one black, for further customization.

Behind the glitz and glamor, there is quite a respectable Pentax RS1500 'Chameleon': a 14-megapixel sensor provides high-resolution photos behind the quality 4x optical zoom, while the company Shake Reduction technology has been extended to cover the camera film quality video mode.

A tracking system provides an automatic light auto-focus, network sockets, while a panorama mode allows the creation of digital panoramic images in the camera without editing necessary. For those who like more customization, an image composition method allows images to be decorated with various data - again, does not require adaptation.

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