A new poll of casual game company PopCap shows a very high percentage of adults in the United Kingdom and the United States in mobile gaming.

This condition may be due in part to the rise in smartphone adoption. According to a separate investigation Nielsen shows 31% of U.S. users now own mobile smartphones, and a Pew survey nearly half of mobile phone users can download and use mobile applications, too.

In the PopCap survey, over half (52%) and 2425 respondents said they had played a better game for your mobile device, if your system or someone else, sometimes in the past. Proportion of respondents in the United Kingdom were significantly higher (73%) compared to the U.S. rate of respondents (44%).
Approximately one third of all respondents had played the game by their phones last month, and one in four respondents said they played every week. However, some respondents admitted that he only played a mobile game once.

The biggest gaming group was users of smartphones. A full 83% of smartphone owners surveyed said they had played at least one mobile game last week, putting them firmly in the "mobile gamer" category.

Interestingly, the male-female ratio of mobile gaming does not seem pronounced gender gap is seen as the console and PC games. The men play a little 'thin edge over women is 2-10%. This fits quite well the current image of the whole world of social gaming market in which women predominated.

And mobile gamers are not just taking their time in transit, they also contribute to the bottom line for producers of play between the major mobile platforms.

About half of all mobile gamers in this study reported to date free trial version of the game in full or paid last year. And a four-player cell phone or smartphone, one of three players, said it had acquired "additional content" to play last year.

In addition, smartphone users are more likely to buy games for their proprietary feature phone and gentlemen, for obvious reasons. Players moving average smartphone user purchased 5.4 games in 2010, compared to 2.9 games purchased by the players non-smartphone owners.

Smartphone has also said more public money on games - $ 25.57 per user per year, compared to $ 15.70 from the owners a phone function.

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