The PEN E-pl2 continues family legacy of a design small, light and simple, intuitive interface and a digital DSLR image quality and expand your creative potential of new technology lens, Live Guide, features new creative the camera, new auxiliary lenses, a new Middle Spotlight Kit (LAM-1) for macro photography and the new Olympus Pen Pal Bluetooth accessories. And the body of the redesigned E-PL2 ergonomics makes capturing amazing photos and HD video more fun than ever.
Features overview

E-PL2 has a 3-inch LCD display with 460,000 pixels, 720p HD movie capture, the next generation of V-TruePic image processor, and card slots SDXC SDHC-compatible, and four body colors: red, silver, white or black. In addition, the new 3.5-5.6 Zuiko 14-42mm II kit lens MSC has improved the autofocus.

Like its predecessor, the PEN E-PL1, you also have your body image stabilization, a pop-up flash (now wireless flash control some flash Olympus) and an effective dust reduction system. Olympus has improved Live manual controls so you can see how the image appears before you actually press the shutter button. All LCD with Live View can preview the photo for you. Olympus Live guide, you will also have special controls in other words, like "make bright" or "make a darker," which you can see the LCD screen when you move the cursor.

There are 22 scene options, as the sunset and children. But if you want to give the camera to select the mode you can use E-PL2 iAuto and is doing its best to identify the scene and select the correct setting. If you're feeling creative, click one of the six involved Taikasuodin create camera effects.

Using the E-PL2 with a Mac

If you shoot in JPEG and upload your iPhoto or Aperture, probably quite happy with the images you see on screen. If you switch to RAW, but you can not treat or examine the files in your favorite photo to Apple until Apple adds support for the model by updating Mac OS X Digital Camera RAW. Wait is not long, however, previous models of the pen 3 are all supported in Aperture, and I expect the same E-PL2.

When recording video, E-pl2 capture 1280 x 720 files at 30 frames per second (fps) in a. AVI (Motion JPEG OpenDML). Aperture and iPhoto support for this format, which makes the QuickTime player. But the AVI format has some standard constraints, including up to 2 GB limit recording HD movies to 7 minutes.

Fun accessories

Olympus has created a lot of their own accessories, including conversion lenses of three-angle fisheye, wide and macro. The company believes that it is cheaper for users to expand their choice of optical specialty Buyi Micro Four Thirds mount. If you decide to try the macro lens attachment, be sure to get the LMA-1 macro arm light. This is a pair of LEDs for close-up work that is fed by the accessory port to provide illumination. And finally, Correspondent powered Bluetooth accessory can transfer images directly from the olympus pen p2 to a variety of devices. More on this later.

Olympus has changed the battery and charger included the ship E-PL2 is a newer BLS-5 cell Li-ion. It 's the same size as the olympus pen p1 is used in other cameras, but has four focal points instead of three. It is also rated at 7.2V/1150mAh that old batteries. I tested the BLS-1 E-PL2, and everything worked fine. So if you have the batteries already working in the new entity.

Image quality

The image quality of E-PL2 is almost the same as other models of PEN. The camera produces JPEG images excellent, with vivid colors and good detail. While this model adds a ISO 6400 setting for the menu, stick to ISO 1600 or below for best results. In our lab tests on subjective image, the word E-PL2 received a rating of good for exposure and distortion. He received a score of good word for the color and sharpness. Click on an image of our test lab to find a larger, original size.

Video quality

The video quality is very nice as well, because it is 720p, not Full HD 1080p. In our lab tests subjective receive e-PL2 a score of good quality video and audio. Here are sample AVI clip that we shot in bright indoor lighting in low light with E-PL2. For more quality videos. 720p is selected from the dropdown menu in the lower right corner of each player.

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