Samsung Series 9 NP900X3A is immediately appealing look: elegant black satin metal (duralumin, a material used in aircraft construction), with a well-curved edge on the back, giving the appearance of a laptop thin blade or aerofoil cross-wing . It 'also very light: unlike a surprisingly dense iPad 9 series really feels like a hand lighter than expected. At 2.9 pounds, is almost identical to the 13-inch MacBook Air.

This laptop is a bit thicker, but: our measurements, about 0.64 inches at its thickest part. While the MacBook Air measures 0.68 inches at its thickest part, the front of the air is thinner at one point. Round 9 feels and looks thicker, but these differences are small subtleties. The two laptops are features ultra-thin, flat packaging bags, adding little bulk.
Inside, the 9 series is more portable brushed metal, but also some bright plastic trim around the sides of the area of ​​the screen and keyboard. The top cover is very smooth in opening and closing, and part of the chassis of the same set of small squeaks when the media. This does not mean that the building is not very strong, but just does not feel as solid as a rock as the MacBook Air from Apple. It is miles above including Windows laptops, however slim, but we expected more than $ 1,600 or more.

The AC adapter is more akin to the small size of many smart phone chargers, with a removable connector that can be replaced by travel advice. The plug goes into the back of the set 9 of the left side above. This is not an elegant solution, magnetic power cord Apple is level and clunky charger wall wart size allows access difficult for some stores.

I started with a SSD has given the series 9 with the boot time faster: by our stopwatch NP900X3A took 24 seconds from a cold start. It is faster than many Windows laptops, but slower than the MacBook Air quite rapid. Round 9 has another trick up its sleeve: closing the lid puts the notebook laptop directly into a sleep mode power failure. Round 9 awakened from hibernation after lifting the lid on just 6 seconds. For most people, this is how they will use the laptop, taking as required.

13.3-inch screen has a matte finish, which stands against almost all consumer notebooks. Some people like this - a complaint that the MacBook is too sleek. It is the number 9, matte finish will surely help of images and text to pop in brightly lit areas. Display a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, but its brightness and viewing angle than many other laptops we've seen. Movies and photos look great, stars, angles that do not break no matter how much evidence is skewed. (We hate to keep comparing the MacBook Air, but if you're curious about the accuracy is higher than 1440 x900. We believe, however, 9-Series screen looks even better.)

The keyboard and touchpad: a few words, they rock. The keyboard is very similar in size and the feeling of the MacBook Air, it seems compressed in the same mold. The buttons are less than the height of the keyboard at an angle larger laptops, but will continue to write seemed cheerful and flexible. The keyboard is backlit, unlike the MacBook Air. A large multi-touch use Synaptics ClickPad Series 3-technique. Although he did not "click anywhere" pad (it will use the lever mechanism-click style, like Apple's MacBook), its image sensor technology and precision of its competitors, most of the other laptops. frosted glass surface feels good and has a lot of gestures multifinger to measure. It is not as big as the epic of a MacBook Air, but it's awfully close.

Stereo speakers hidden behind the tiny bar on the front edges, barely visible unless you tilt and verify. The volume and sound quality is more than enough for movies, television and web chat,although they are obviously not going to release a good pair of headphones. The included 1.3 megapixel webcam has a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024, with images and light sensitivity that is better than average, ArcSoft included YouCam software has a number of strange environments and effects to play with you, too.

The ports and connections are always a challenge in ultra-thin laptops, and 9 Series is no exception. The latest MacBook Air has only 2 USB ports and no Ethernet port (it costs $ 29 more than a USB dongle), but has an SD card slot. Comparatively, the rate is 9 Series on paper: HDMI connectivity, USB 0.0 3 ports, USB 2.0 and Ethernet. But these ports by two flip-doors on both sides, and some require cable converter. A proprietary port connects to a dongle that has included an Ethernet port, a mini-HDMI out jacks are included, but you have the right cable to use, and a microSD card slot is included instead of standard SD. To upload photos from your camera, you're back to being stabbed with a USB SD card. One of the two USB ports allow for sleep and the indictment (to power a connected USB device, while the 9 series is in standby or off).

A small annoyance - or comfort, depending on how you want your doors - is that all these ports are hidden behind a small flip-doors on each side of the 9 Series chassis, hidden under a slanted edge . They are shades of what was once the first generation MacBook Air. We were concerned about the doors were closed when we flip laptop on a table, but as the surface was smooth and flat, we found no problems. Lots of connection cables at once could be annoying, however.

It comes with 4 GB of RAM can be expanded up to 8 GB, but you're stuck with 128 GB of SSD storage. Air Apple has two modes - 256 - $ 1,599 for 13-inch configuration. By default, 128 GB is enough for some, but it remains to those who want to put all the support to live in a notebook.


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