The New Sony VAIO NotebookSeries Y (VPCYB15KX models) review

When I first saw the new Sony VAIO notebook series Y (VPCYB15KX models), the first thought is probably "It 's very pink laptop." Of course, that only in this particular test system. If you are not 13-year-old girl, and in particular to promote awareness of breast cancer, you can get the system instead of silver styling.

The S series is Sony's first foray into using AMD's new Fusion, the processors. Use the fastest of the lot, the E-350: a dual-core processor running at 1.6 GHz and integrates a Radeon HD 6310 graphics unit. Sony equips the system with 4 GB of RAM and a nice hard disk of 320 GB if the drive runs at 5400 rpm, which makes launching applications and loading of large amounts of data a bit slow side.

The performance of this processor, I will repeat what I said before, is an absolute murderer Intel Atom, both in performance of CPU and graphics performance. Compared with the largest ultra low voltage processors that are often found in ultraportables systems that simply can not keep up. If this is called a "netbook", his performance was exceptional. If money is considered an "ultra" and loads more for it , is a disappointment.
And the price is really the issue here. At $ 600, making the series there is a relatively cheap laptop 11.6-inch ultraportable, but it is too expensive to be competitive with most netbooks. Even if I was willing to pay more for high performance compared to Intel E-Series processor, I do not spend more than $ 450 500 $ on a system like this. It would be easier to splurge when designing strong feeling was married to the same attention to detail throughout the design, but much of the major laptop features are disappointing.

The camera supports a maximum resolution of 640 by 480 capture video in a world where our phones are filming high definition video. The total size of the keyboard is good, but different keys are quite small and very open and I often slipped keys or beaten them both. The touchpad has a good sense of gliding, but quite small. The 1366 x 768 screen is suitable for their size, but the colors are slightly washed, and the viewing angles are poor. Do not expect these notebooks to offer some very good sound quality but the sound that pumps the VAIO series speakers and is especially thin and metallic.

Sony based on 802.11n wireless, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, three USB 2.0 ports, plus card readers on the front. That's good, but par for the course of those days. In a system this size, it is not surprising to find no optical drive at all. Battery life is on par with other small laptops melting about 5.5 hours. Sony tends to install a bunch of additional software on its VAIO computers, including a toolbar with drop down access to programs such as VAIO Media Gallery, Picture Motion Browser, VAIO and care, as well as third-party programs such as Norton Antivirus (30-day trial), Evernote, and ArcSoft WebCam Companion fourth Whether you find these useful or not is a matter of personal taste, but they are easily removed if unwanted.

If it was a bit more useful, I find it easier to recommend Sony VAIO series Y (VPCYB15KX models) notebooks, even at rather steep $ 600. But it's a big stretch to pray a lot for a laptop with a keyboard that allows typing difficult, a very small touchpad, webcam and a standard definition.

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