New Small Camera Bag From Acme Made

It 'easy to confuse a camera bag with a bag-man. Not that murses a bad thing - but we all can not pull off, so we must be careful in choosing our camera bag. I'm sorry I can not rock these bags Acme Made, but do not look very good. I can not really make the look of euro.
The Union Messenger Kit (above) is like a small bag made just for the camera with a sexy lingerie, sweet red. His "Bombshell technical fabric is" water, stains and abrasion resistant. " Complicated! $ 30, very reasonable.

And here (above), we in the EU Ultra-Zoom. The intent is a little less camera: an ultra-zoom, of course, or perhaps a device for Micro Four Thirds. It also appears that this substance includes Bombshell, but perhaps not so much? It has more room for accessories, it seems to me, but it's hard to say. It costs $ 45, which indicates a considerable size.

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