The new generation of computers the term is used in various progress of new technologies. Each generation of computers is known that major technological development fundamentally changed the way computers operate, resulting in ever smaller gadgets, cheaper, powerful, efficient and reliable. The first generation of computers was established during World War II by Germany to build a warplane. England was the control mode is used to break the German secret codes. generation of computers is human innovation in technology as an improvement of the counting machine at the beginning, ABACUS!

The first computers used vacuum tubes, were often enormous in size, occupying entire rooms. They were very expensive. In addition, they spent a lot of energy, produces lots of heat, which often caused the error. The first computers were developed for the atomic energy industry.
These computers relied on machine language to perform and can only solve one problem at a time. machine languages ​​are the only language understood by computers and almost impossible for humans to use because they consist entirely of numbers. Therefore, a high-level computer programming language used. Each CPU has its own machine language. The programs must be rewritten to work on different computers. Income on the basis of punch cards and paper tape output was reflected in the prints.

In the second generation, the transistor was invented in 1947, but did not see the widespread use of computers until the end of the 50th century. But later, transistors has become an integral part of all digital circuits, including computers. Today's latest microprocessors contain tens of millions of microscopic transistors! Microprocessors introduced the latest generation of computers. Thousands of integrated circuits are constructed in a single silicon chip containing the CPU. silicon chip has reduced the size of computers, a big slow down the entire PC computer, which can be made on your desktop or laptop computer.

Modern computers are much higher so they can be smaller and more compact, faster, cheaper, more energy saving, more reliable than their predecessors of the first generation. Computers are becoming smaller, where speed, power and memory are relatively higher. The new discoveries are constantly changing in the computer that affect how we live, work and play. With the latest innovation in technology, computers have become an absolute necessity for everyone. Therefore computers, they need new computers at low prices or have also been raised! Refurbished computer manufacturers are providing satisfactory service for the creation of computers at an affordable price, giving the same performance as the new machine. As most people can not afford new models, opting to buy used computers, refurbished computers to flights that are readily available and easy to use and works efficiently. It is also a great way to save money.

The next generation of computers will probably be based on artificial intelligence, which is under development process. It is part of computer science to make computers behave like people! The researchers have begun using the term nanotechnology, although much progress remains to be done. enormous research is needed to improve the software development of computer and its robotic applications!

The author Kathy Fernandes is a freelance writer for local newspapers and magazines, covering topics such as cheap laptops and refurbished.

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