Let's face it: Most of us rarely use all the processing power of today's typical laptop dual-core can offer. So NV51B05u with Gateway, Acer is the parent company bet there's a market for a consumer notebook with good enough performance at a price eye poppingly low. For only $ 469, you get a brilliant 15.6-inch screen, a keyboard with a comfortable keypad, and some 3D graphics capabilities. No, it does not work as a Core i3 (or even a Core 2 Duo) laptop, and like all machines on the budget, the company has made compromises to hit the low price. But for students, grandparents, or anyone in between, who need just the basics NV51B05u are worth watching.

Gateway NV51B05u note that the model is sold only at Fry's Electronics, but similarly configured models with slightly different model names are available at Best Buy and other retailers of the bridge. If you do not have Fry's near you, compare similar configurations at Best Buy (the NV51B02u with 2 GB of RAM or less NV51B08u with AMD Fusion-based). You can also find the NV50A10a (red) and NV50A13u (black) on the Home Shopping Network. It is a very different animal, however, at $ 599 and comes with an AMD Phenom quad-core CPU N970 II and 4 GB of RAM.
Built on the platform, AMD Fusion, a chip combines NV51B05u budget class (1.6GHz AMD E-350) with 3 GB of RAM to get results that are good enough for almost all the tasks a user usual, is day after day of action. AMD's Fusion technology enables both the processor and graphics processing circuitry onto a single chip, which AMD calls a processing unit accelerated (APU). The supposed advantages of better graphics performance, battery life longer and lower prices.

Another advantage, which applies unless the most compact portable Fusion models, such as HP Pavilion DM1 is APU circuitry that generates less heat than a discrete graphics chipset would be the Fusion platform enables notebooks very small ( think of 11, 6-or 12.1-inch screens), while performance and keep costs down. As we saw in our test, it is really the best place for this technology. The competition is harder in the consumer notebook at budget prices (15.6 ") category, where the Gateway notebook single competing notebooks deliver about three times the yield of only about twice the price.

On 64-bit version of PCMark Vantage tests our benchmark, which measure overall system performance, scoring NV51B05u 2409, and 64-bit version of Cinebench 10 test, which tests all the processor cores of the machine marked 2236. These scores are consistent with 2239 and 2147 delivered $ 449 Toshiba Satellite S5043-C655D (another laptop, ultra-low-cost, we tested a single-core processor AMD V-series), but far behind more traditional budget laptops, Intel Core-based i5 $ 749 Acer Aspire 5742G-7200 (who scored 6111 on PCMark Vantage and on Cinebench 8583).

Gateway supports the parts in one year labor warranty and 24 / 7 technical support, which is on par with what other major laptop manufacturers offer their laptops in the budget. So if you are looking for NV51B05u or one of the twins, a couple of things to keep in mind: You will receive a large screen, keyboard and good battery life and a better 3D performance than you ever thought possible, $ 469 laptop. If you spend your days, your web browser and office applications, you can be fully satisfied with the machine of power and is likely to be forgiven, when it stops for occasional work in heavy media. Just be prepared to live an average of productivity and multimedia, and a bad sound system and webcam.

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  1. Hello Gfxcasa! My Gateway NV51B05u is the best. I installed Windows Xp and deleted my Windows 7 so that i can maximize the memory. I then converted it into a recording D.A.W studio. The audio output sounds sweet so i decided to make an independent Hiphop album and i will release it on Soundcloud. (=


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