Experts have said for years and years! The personal computer, one day, so small and efficient that they carry around in our pockets. Atrix 4G Motorola smartphone and a laptop dock has already been to jump into the future.

Atrix 4G Android-based phone is as strong as a separate, dual-core processor, full gigabyte of RAM, a 4-inch 960x540 screen, and that power is used to drive the entire interface of the laptop in addition to $ 500 Lapdock Motorola ($ 300 if you buy when you buy the phone).
It is cool, although very, very costly in a future where the smartphone is your main computer, you pop into the various docking stations at home, car and office.

Phone itself is worth $ 200 asking price, although $ 300 to $ 500 more for a portable dock can not do anything without the phone seems to be easier to swallow if the price was halved ( at the minimum).

You must also add A $ 45 per month & T data plan to use the docking station laptop. So you're looking at a minimum expenditure of nearly $ 1,600 two years before even add voice and text messages to all.

Currently, the smartphone laptop Atrix Combined 4G and keep a fresh look to the future, it is directed. The price is relegated to the experience of the ministries of eccentric millionaire and rich, however.

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