Logitech N120 Notebook Cooler Pad Review

The use of laptops in bed eventually clog the gas and heat sensitive components, resulting in reduced performance and life. Logitech has launched the N120 cool pad notebook platform cooling for Rs 1195 with capacity for laptops the size of 15 inches.

Sustainable Construction

Closed, durable design protects internal fan from dust and damage.

Low power consumption

Designed to be efficient, this cooling pad has a minimal impact on the battery of your laptop.

cleaved surface in air flow virtually silent

The USB-powered fan, quiet and distributes air evenly in your laptop.

Sleek, versatile style

Neutral colors and curved shapes look right at home, whatever your decorating style and portable.

the actual contribution of rear air

Get steady, free flow of air keeps heat from your hand, either on your lap or desktop.


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