List of new features in Microsoft Excel 2010

If you have an Excel 2007, then on the band in Excel 2010 will look familiar. Apart from a couple of new tools which will be discussed soon, the main difference is the absence of "Office Button" and a return to the old menu item "File". It seems Microsoft's response to a survey, they began to show a large percentage of the new Office 2007-users are unclear how to open and save documents. It seems that many do not think that pressing the Office button, provided it is really just the Microsoft logo!

A completely new and innovative features of Excel 2010 is Sparklines. These are essentially mini-plots, which occupy a single cell. They are particularly useful in determining trends in the row or column of data without the need for a comprehensive plan of burning. I would predict that this could be very use and become an important tool for regular Excel users.


Another new feature in Excel 2010 is slicers. These are visual checks flowing on spreadsheets as forms that allow a greater degree of control over the data filtering. They are particularly useful when you try to filter multiple data fields in the PivotTable and PivotChart. Again, cutting machine is likely to be solid favorites, especially with regular users of the PivotTable.

Chart Macros

Macro recording function has obviously been around a long time in Excel, but a short-coming has been the failure to record the macro measures applied to charts and graphs. This has been corrected in the new figure Macro facility so that users can now incorporate graphics layout and graphics changes and save them for reuse.

New Improved Solver

The new version of the model interface has been improved making it easier to find solutions-if analysis. The resolution method (Simplex, GRG nonlinear evolution) can be chosen depending on the type of model is solved. A checkbox has been added to make unrestricted non-negative variables. If you are a solver you will probably find these new features at your fingertips.

Function Improvements

Accuracy of 50 Excel functions has been improved in 2010. It must be said that the average user will probably not aware of the difference, since most of the functions of the matters under consideration were in the more complex mathematics. However, popular features such as MTP, PPMT & VARS listed.

In conclusion, Excel 2010 offers new levels of functionality and accuracy that is likely to be welcomed, especially by experienced users of Microsoft Excel.

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