Lenovo ThinkPad X200 series has a long history of combining lightweight portability, epic battery life, and uncompromising performance. The 12.5 inch ThinkPad X220 offers $ 1,299 a couple of new riffs on the familiar theme, including a 16:9 screen, a generation Intel Core 2, and a great texture ClickPad, but the new model of party the legacy of their predecessors floors?

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard ThinkPad X220 offers the kind of tactile feedback and incredible concave buttons, which allow entry typists quickly and accurately. Because of these advantages, we were able to score 86 words per minute test typing Thunb ten strong, better than our average of 80 words per minute typical.
How is the Lenovo ThinkPad T series, the X220's keyboard has also expanded to make Escape and Delete are used often easier target. The keyboard also has a full range of extended keys such as Scroll Lock and Pause for users who need it. Unfortunately, although the end of the keyboard, palm rest short 2.5-inch wrists many users' hanging over the edge, which can be uncomfortable and can put more pressure on the shoulders and wrists.

 Webcam and Ports

For a small notebook, the X220 tablet pc has many ports. On the right side is an SD card reader, Ethernet port, an audio jack and a USB-powered car that can charge your devices even when the notebook is off. On the left are a VGA port, DisplayPort, two USB ports (for a total of three), and an ExpressCard/54 slot, something not seen on many laptops these days.

720p webcam that supports Skype calls HD, provided sharp images, but faded. Make a Skype call from our dimly lit room, our facial features were clearly visible, but the colors were subdued. Under the glass roof, the details are sharper, but had too much white balance on the two auto modes to play with the settings did not help. At one point during our testing, even webcam stopped working and showed a black block instead of an image. This problem has persisted until we finally turned off the system completely for a few seconds before trying again.

 audio and Display

12.5 inch, 1366 x 768 resolution matte screen ThinkPad X220 offers bright, sharp images and amazingly wide viewing angle. While standing in 90 degrees left or right, we were able to watch videos on noticing a significant loss of color fidelity. Our only complaint is that Lenovo has decided to go to a 16:9 format, 1366 x 768 pixels at 16:10 after the offering, 1280 x 800 is the ThinkPad X201. Although the 1366 x 768 has become a standard, it provides less vertical real estate to view documents and web pages.

Although not recommended to use the X220 has a stereo, when both played bass-heavy "Forget Me Nots" and the theme of Empire Strikes cons orchestra, the sound is true and strong enough to fill a room .

Conferencing capabilities

ThinkPad X220 has a few features designed to enhance the experience of videoconferencing, the most obvious, there are a number of buttons on the upper left side of the tire that lets you quickly raise and lower the volume or mute the microphone . Lenovo Communications Utility, you can optimize the microphone to voice calls or voice over, who have both worked as advertised when we had a conference ooVoo. Setting the typing noise reduction, which is supposed to filter out the noise of your entry does not work so well. Our conference partner has clearly heard our fight against repression on, even if they were even stronger and more irritating to people with disabilities.

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