Laptop computer Gaming MSI GX660R-060US 15.6-Inch Review

MSI create a good first impression by using GX660R elegant box retail, and inside we find the system board bag hanging around. When you remove this case we see that end laptop along each of the key intermediate is protected by layers of plastic from which the cover and there is a bed, sitting on the keyboard to protect the screen.

When we find a portable platform to control, which looks and feels good. There were no defects on the surface and design from the black silver, gray and looks nice, even if the orange light can be for everyone.
When you open the lid out of the ordinary planning continues, this system truly unique, and we were pleased to see the high quality of the extended surface in this area. Looking at some of the finer details, we found the sensitivity of the touch pad of a good thing if the correct driver is installed and the mouse buttons to click on the condition of low activity. Touch-screen above the keyboard was good, and the sensitivity of the keys felt good for use. He said it was a bit 'too much flex in the government itself could be improved in future revisions.

The webcam quality, running at 720p, is ideal for video chat offering good detail levels and the microphone picked up our voice well but the real star of the external components are the screen and speakers. Starting with the audio, we have a set of components which produce audio to a level we have never experienced from a Laptop computer Gaming before. In a recent review we covered the Alienware M17x R3 which uses Klipsh technology and that was impressive, the GX660R takes things to a completely different level for laptop sound quality.

The detail available and volume possible were both great and MSI's choice to use Dynaudio has really paid off. For the screen we have a full HD, LED backlit model on this laptop and when positioned at an appropriate angle the quality is excellent, lots of brightness available mixed with good clarity. The only issue we found is that the viewing angles of this particular panel do drop the quality quite significantly as we move away from the ideal position, it really isn't very forgiving but that is not a huge issue for single person use.
Looking at the performance of the unit there are various specifications available across different retailers, all offer the Radeon Mobility 5870 with the memory, drive and CPU changing. On our model we found the mix of i5-460M and 8GB of dual-channel memory to offer a good balance of performance. Each of our CPU based tasks completed without issue and it was good to know that we could in the future upgrade to the i7 model, adding a 3rd stick of DDR3 in the process, for additional memory and processor performance. On the graphics side of things we were very impressed by the Mobility 5870, it seems the ideal GPU for mobile gaming on a 1080p screen. Both BulletStorm and Dragon Age 2 performed well at maximum detail, Shogun 2 required a little tweaking but considering the demanding scenario we put it through with hundreds of units and maximum detail this was to be expected.

Battery life on the GX660R is comparable to other similar notebooks with more than 3 hours of general use and more than 2 hours of Blu-Ray. Other keys were nice overclocking capabilities with the push of a button, the inclusion of USB 3.0 to optimize the speed of storage and use of external hard drives in RAID 0 ... if those who are particularly demanding would have liked to see the models of 7200 rpm.

The value is a particularly strong MSI GX660R-060US for just over £ 900 / $ 1000 we have a system that has very good CPU, 8 GB memory, 2x 500 GB drives in RAID, 1 GB of DX11 graphics and high quality video and the audio option. It is very difficult or impossible to find something that can rival it.

GX660R MSI offers a great balance of price and performance of the platform that offers the opportunity to upgrade in the future to extend the system. The presence of features such as USB 3.0 and Blu-Ray is nice to see, because it was a great framerate of the game, however, the real highlight is the outstanding sound quality, this system offers.

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