Dell Vostro series of Laptop Computer has an eye to market directly to small businesses. MyBroadband hand Dell Vostro 3500 and it took for a ride.

2.5kg in weight, the device is a nice and slick, but not ostentatious. Cover and trimming the edges are wrapped in brushed aluminum and a sturdy black plastic. We examined the device in standard aluminum, but apparently the bronze and the red color of the premium.

The display hinges seem strong and stiff enough to hold the screen in place, even while moving around - as is done when working on your lap. There is no locking mechanism of the lid, it is a mistake that things can find their way between the body and the screen during the trip.
Kensington lock is present, it can be left unattended with the engine running during the lunch hour during the business conference. In addition, a fingerprint reader for those too good to use old alphanumeric password.

Overall, the Dell Vostro feel that it is sturdy, it will also be up to the rigors of business travel. The combination of mat aluminum and plastic gives you a solid base which is reflected in the rigidity of the unit while holding a corner.

Input / Output

The keyboard is a standard layout (minus the numeric keypad) and is a good guy is only a slight decrease hand vigorously. tactile response is good, and Touch Typing noise made by the keys is minimal. The keyboard is protected by a splash of water. Touch-sensitive multimedia keys above the keyboard and run next to this is the portable lights arrangements. However, it is difficult to understand if they are on when the device in a bright area.

Located above the keyboard, the speakers are not something to boast by far the average phone sound quality team.

touchpad mouse gestures support through Dell Software and is a welcome part of the scroll bar on the right side of the trackpad. The touchpad is sensitive and no claim can be applied to it. Supplied with separate left / right click buttons to respond feel 'click' sound and satisfactory. The touchpad can also disable the converter function key, function of simple host but as you can get in the way, depending on your style of writing.

The decision to screen size falls in step with the approach of business and probably the result of economies of scale. The monitor has a 15.6-inch panel resolution 1366x768, widescreen format, which does not account for too commercial documents are generally vertical. This can lead to a lot of scrolling up and down documents. WLED panel is backlit with an anti-glare, which holds well in direct sunlight. The horizontal viewing angle is very good, but the vertical viewing angle is not (as with most laptops).


The Laptop Computer Dell Vostro 3500 is available in different configurations. Ours was a standard configuration, the bottom of the article. Note that the 3500 series is a selection of Intel Core CPU i3 i5, everything you need to properly conduct most business applications. The system supports up to 8 GB of RAM DDR3 1333 MHz (whose use depends on the choice of an option of 64-bit Windows 7 OS).

Our 3500 was a sport the Nvidia GeForce 310M GPU. IX processors based on Core architecture Arrandale with integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD, which comes into operation when it is not so bad to do to save the battery. 310M is not going to blow your mind, but the 512 MB of VRAM at 790 MHz clock speed of the bus running 64-bit core and 625 MHz, would be a moderate relief from the game - just do not expect a lot of titles latest and greatest.

The system shows shortcomings in the cooling zone in case of prolonged stress, usually because of some games. It is really worrying hot and you definitely do not want to wear it on your lap while playing.
The 6-cell battery LITH-Ion can provide about 3 hours of talk time depending on the task accomplished.


Dell Vostro 3500 comes with a variety of options for input / output which should meet the needs of most businesses. VGA and HDMI output on an external monitor, four USB 2.0 ports, 1 eSATA, 8-in-1 card reader, and Input / Output 3.5mm audio connections. Of course there are other options should Connectivity: Gigabit LAN, Wireless N and Bluetooth.

There is also a card slot modem 3G/HSPA Dell may be equipped with a SIM card to add a cellular connection.

Unfortunately, the Dell Inspiron 3500 is equipped with a docking station, which some may find a serious incident.


Dell Vostro 3500 Suggested retail price retail R10, 999 at the time of writing. This in itself may seem a bit 'expensive given the opportunity to request a hardware configuration, but Dell includes their three-year warranty on-site next business day, and this value proposition is worth it for many companies.

The unit is well built, no-frills gadget that would weaken its primary purpose - to act as a strong business partner and reliable.

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