Tripod is the first option, I propose an avid amateur to buy when you buy a camera: pre-flash before the lens more, before bags. I just do not allow long exposure times, are a great support for the resolution, so if you want to take good pictures, use a tripod.Vanguard High Phoblographer left AGH 263 Pro is a series of GH-100 263AT gun head and legs, and the first impression is good.
Inside the box, his head is wrapped separately for the legs, and included are: a bag of tools and accessories pocket. Once assembled, it is easy to see that this tripod is quite revolutionary in its design. Not only extend the legs so you can get very low and stable, the head of stem cells blew up and axles, so you can put the tripod head in places impossible with a conventional tripod. The legs are equipped with a bubble level, and the head is too interesting beneath the plate quick release, if you need to get it, just before mounting the camera.

Velcro loop bag stone - adds weight and adds stability. I prefer to use the lower end of the hook shank in a camera bag, but a stone in a bag, can be used even if the center column sits on a folding stock. The legs are made of aluminum and magnesium, which is heavier than carbon fiber, but damn bit 'less. They took the foam. This Vanguard is a medium-sized kit, but certainly big enough for most DSLR gear. I'll be happy to hang Canon EOS-1D Mark II N 300 mm f/2.8Lon, but it would be great as I go, I guess. Tripods itself innovative. pistol grip can be positioned in an angle to the ball itself, just drag the gray collar. voltage is adjustable with pistol grip. Panorama platform allows changes in angle of 5 degrees, click stop when you turn on the camera.

In less than 3 kg (6.5 lbs) packed in his bag, is not trivial, but it has always been price stability. The other is the price of about $ 240 for the kit. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty, too.


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