SD or Secure Digital Card is a memory device, whose task recording gained importance when the images are stored on a large scale is needed to use the memory of the device, which was small and portable nature. recording device also needs to be a standard format and plug and play nature, so it can be used for different multimedia devices needed for storage of data in the form of images, videos and songs. Not only do these files, but even if the files are required to maintain in some cases. This has led to an SD card, the two are two main types, especially Micro SD and Mini SD card.
There are many devices that use SD cards for MP3 players, mobile phones and most important of all digital cameras. Until very recently, mobile storage cards have been less used in mobile phones and most mobile applications of internal memory provided in the mobile phone to store data such as music files, photos, etc. However, with cameras of the time step, new and improved started integrating these mobile devices that have forced manufacturers to provide a memory card slot.

It was the same in the case of digital cameras, SD cards, which has become a necessity because the large size of images being captured. If the professional digital SLR cameras in the need for storage cards with greater storage capacity was a necessity because of the size of the images were captured. manufacturers of memory cards inserted memory cards with large capacity and adapters to adapt each of these memory cards. However, the removal of images from the memory card is a common practice that many photos are captured and later, the reactions are removed or deleted.

However, deleting good pics by accident was also a frequent cause of photochemical damage. People facing such a scenario would take the help of a good recovery software for Windows or Mac based operating system used to restore images from an SD card. As images are deleted directly from the memory card would not go in the trash, it was question about using the restore option to recover the file because the file is not visible, even if it is present on the memory card. But even this is not possible if the memory is overwritten.

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