Users of Vista several times to address a number of error messages due to many reasons, one of the problems that Vista users to see is that the CD-RAM does not work. Device Manager error code exclusive to the Device Manager, if you get an error code for Windows 31 should resolve this problem.
Code 31 "error is reported when the device is not working properly and, therefore, Windows can not load the required drivers for this device. As a result of this we'll tell you the following error message:

"This device is not working properly because Windows can not load the required drivers for this device. (Code 31)"

When the computer can not read multiple files and important settings, then this error message displayed on the computer screen.

September 31 error code

When there are problems with the device driver for you to receive this type of problem.

You receive this error message when the PC is unable to properly read the parameters it requires to run.

This type of problem also occurs when the components of the PC is damaged.

Another reason for the birth of this error is that Windows needs to be updated.

To correct this error, you must update the driver, if that is not useful, then you need to fix the system registry settings. Manually edit the registry settings is complicated and time consuming. Furthermore, it is risky to implement manual processes to repair the corrupted registry in case you do not have a complete technical knowledge. In fact, the registry settings incorrectly can also lead to a system crash.

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