It's already annoying to have fewer errors, but it's scary when you have a Windows 7 blue screen error, because it could damage your system as a whole. Fortunately, there is something you can do this kind of error. Read on to learn more.

The blue screen error, or "blue screen of death" because it is more popularly called, is what is called a fatal system error. There are many of these screens indicate various errors that may have events, but they have one thing in common: they cause your computer to crash, losing all your stored documents and other data that you worked on before the error.
Blue Screen of Death is a problem in Windows operating systems for years, making it difficult to correct is the fact that most people do not even know what caused these errors on your machine.
There are several reasons for these Windows 7 blue screen error.

Program or file corruption. If a program or even corrupting files in a corrupt program, they can cause this error. If this occurs, the computer signals a stop error with a blue screen.

How can you say?

That's the problem is when your computer crash when opening a program or game or programs always a blue screen at the same point. You can see a stop error as:

"DIVIDE_BY_ZERO_ERROR" or a Stop error, which refers to a specific file.

Driver corruption. It is a common cause of Windows 7 blue screen error. Whether by drivers corrupt, damaged or incorrect.

How can you say?

In extreme cases, you will see a Stop error message like this: "REGISTRY_ERROR. When this error occurs, you will be very happy if you restart Windows.

Most of the time it is the visual error, you will see a window that shows you that this error is due to corrupt registry. Tell Tale Signs that your computer slows down, takes a long time to start and stop a few.
How can I fix these errors?

Follow these steps to remove all possibilities to solve this problem.

1 Verification of all programs are updated and run Windows Update to ensure that all system files are updated in Windows 7 too.

Make sure the drivers are the latest version. While this is a time, it can not be repaired, only 7 of Windows blue screen errors, but to improve the performance of your computer as well. You can do so via the manufacturer's website or Windows Update. Another alternative is not very reliable, because the database of drivers for Windows Update is not great.

Finally, check for registry errors.
Since registration is so complex that trying to do is to invite problems manually, especially if you do not know what to look for, but you can run the first steps.

 Run chkdsk / r. Go to the Windows Start menu, select Run and type chkdsk / r and press enter. In this way, the hard drive scan, which is stored in the error log.

windows Rollback for a day or two before starting down. blue screen error often occurs when your computer is started. This is because the register is written or updated when it is closed and the windows roll back a day or two before it crashed to solve this problem. You can do this with System Restore.

If you've tried the above and you still get blue screen error to run a system scan on the registry to resolve this problem and stop Windows 7 blue screen error. It is far better than having to reinstall Windows from scratch.

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