"Defrag" / "Defragmenting" system is the process by which the application will use the integrated defragmentation to repair one of the problematic files / settings within the Windows system. This method can effectively increase the speed of your PC because of how "fragmented" files continuously make the computer go slower - that makes it essential once you know how the process works, then how does the same.

What is defrag and how does it work?

Defragmenting a computer is where you open the System Defragmenter "application, then use it to get rid of any would-be" fragmented "files that are within your system. To understand this, you should think about when you use your PC, and is always open and save files of all time. These files are placed in specially designated areas on your hard drive (called "sectors"). These sectors are the classification system as a library, which allows all of its software and options for the files needed to function efficiently.
One of the main problems Windows-based computer that is constantly saving files in the wrong place, or sharing files and save them in different places. This not only slows down the computer but also prevent your computer can not read a number of important settings that it requires to function. Defragment your computer solves the problem.

How to defragment your system

To "defragment" your PC, it is recommended that you use a program called Integrated Windows "system Defragmenter" utility. It can be loaded by clicking ---Start Programs--- Accessories---System Tools--- System Defragment. This will load the defragmenter system where you must then let the program "Scan" your hard drive before, then let him "fix" the errors it finds.

Although the programs defragenter a computer to run very fast, it is also advisable to use a registry cleaner application to correct any problems that the system may have its settings. The registry database is part of the computer where all the settings on your computer and stored as a file on disk, is constantly going to have a damaged or incorrectly recorded, which slows down the system. To resolve this problem, we found a tool called "Frontline Registry Cleaner" can really do wonders for your computer to run much smoother and more reliable.

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