Do you know what could possibly be an exciting feeling when you have a new computer? Make your computer!

Make your own team from scratch is not only fun to do, but cheaper too. You can get to choose which pieces to use on your PC. This gives you control the balance of price and quality of newly assembled PC.
Before showing the steps, here are the necessary elements of the computer you need to buy:
• floppy drive
• Sound Card
• Computer Case
• Food
• Monitor
• Keyboard
• Mice
• CPU Cooler
• Motherboard Memory
• Graphics
• Hard Drive
• CD-ROM or DVD Writer

Steps to make your own PC:

Step 1

computer case includes motherboard spacers and screws. This helps to set the motherboard anyway. Install spacers corners and the right side of holes. It must match the holes on the motherboard.

If the mother has taken various decisions for E / S (input / output) screen, use the shield that comes with the motherboard. Installation from inside the case.

Now install the processor, lift the lever on the CPU (processor) socket. CPU pins are designed so that you can put the CPU socket in only one way. Therefore, if you do it right, it would easily fit.

Hold the processor down and close the handle. Before installing the CPU cooler, put the thermal paste on the CPU (the kernel).

Step 2

processor cooler over the CPU Mount. Press lightly. Cut the radiator to the processor socket. Secure the CPU cooling fan power to the fan header on the motherboard. It is usually marked "CPU FAN 1".
Plug the memory module to DIMM made well known. Unlock the two tabs and push the memory down. The clips on the sides of the castle should be closed. Gently push the motherboard against the I / O shield. Don and tighten the screws on the motherboard. Do not force it.

The brown slot nearest the processor to the AGP slot for video card. Insert the video card into the slot evenly. Screw the card into place. Make sure your AGP video card is well placed.
Corner of the motherboard, you'll see two rows of pins. Connect the appropriate pins of lead. These wires are usually marked. Read the motherboard manual. See what the label goes to which group of pins.

Step 3

Now install the floppy drive, CD / DVD and hard disk. The motherboard is usually 2 IDE channels, supporting two devices. If you install two IDE devices on the same cable, will be more important is the "master" and the second is a "slave".

It's the same procedure for the CD / DVD. Search for a hard disk and CD manual for correct jumper settings. You must do this before screwing the disc.
Connect to a different channel for hard disk drives CD-ROM drive. Floppy IDE controller driver socket bottom.

Make sure the IDE cable side has red lines of bands with the pin 1.
Finally, connect the main ATX power cable and connect to all readers of food. If you have a refrigerator case, you can contact them.

Now, connect your monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers in the rear of the enclosure. Place the power cord to the power supply. Check the correct installation before the first opening.
Now you can show your friends assembled his first computer.

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