For a slim laptop with all the features, the HP Pavilion DM4 is the laptop of your choice with its excellent performance and outstanding features. One of the best aspects of this laptop is its portability wonderful, because it is so lightweight and thin and easy to store in bags and wallets, you can enjoy easily take, but will provide computers performance much heavier in weight .

If you love watching movies, this notebook for you, with its 14-inch widescreen high-definition LED screen lets you enjoy movies as clear. Also in HD port, you can listen to the contents of your computer on your TV with an adapter.
You can enjoy movies to watch programs that are available on the laptop, as well as videos and other stuff on the Internet on your TV, you can have a wide selection of movies to watch. The HP Pavilion also integrates with a Bluetooth device that lets you synchronize your system to other electronic media, so you can transfer your data directly to your desktop, or even your phone without using cables. Easily connect your printer or other devices without cables using real when you can do everything wireless.

The HP Pavilion has a webcam that can help you make videos or to have video conversations with colleagues, friends, family or work, even in low light, the captured video will be excellent and clear. You can easily transfer photos from your camera or reader slot and digital photos can be stored on your hard drive for easy access and keep them there in the coming years.

There are many unique features of the device, such as the fingerprint reader, which can easily help you create passwords using your fingerprint as a source of identification that is exclusively yours, and designed to optimal protection of privacy. In addition, 5-in-1 digital media reader lets you transfer data from your camera MP3 or data files from your SD card with ease, easily transfer documents from your computer to the card or vice versa, so you can easily access the information you need when you need it. With the Bluetooth device, you can easily print documents, synchronize with your printer and easily connect with other devices without the need for cables and ports.

Enjoy with some of the unique software is only compatible with HP Pavilion, including the HP ProtectTools Smart Hard Drive Protection, which can help prevent data loss due to different contexts. HP MediaSmart also help you to enjoy and share multimedia content.

Finally, the HP QuickWeb lets you access all your most valuable web sites quickly and easily. With its Intel Core i50450, you can enjoy Internet browsing, high-speed Serial ATA hard drive with genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, you can enjoy a spectacular and extremely high quality service of a computer laptop designed to meet your needs.

Its a great keyboard and a handy pad to select HP, and closed the key, as well as its built-in microphone, this smart notebook has everything you need.

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