Eye movements control new laptop computer technology

The Lenovo laptop was a fully functional conceptual prototype using eye-tracking technology from Stockholm-based Tobii. The technology employs sensors to follow users' eye movements and interprets them to help the user navigate the Web, define unfamiliar terms, research topics and many other functions. It has been widely used for medical research, website design for Microsoft and Google, and consumer research like grocery store product placement, but this is the first eye-tracking device designed for the masses, which a Tobii executive said was the idea at the company's inception.

"Back in 2001, founder Henrik Eskilsson had a real vision for an eye tracker in every computer," Barbara Barclay, Tobii's general manager for North America, told TechNewsDaily. "For the first time, the technology is nearly small enough and cheap enough for inclusion in every laptop."

Barclay said she expects shoppers of most laptops within the next two years will have the choice of adding an eye-tracking feature for a few hundred dollars.

For now Lenovo has built 20 units, which it will use to test and refine the eye gaze capability.

The speed and efficiency of energy

everyday computing tasks may take less time with eye tracking. Eye movements are rapid movements of the human body can produce, and eye-tracking has great potential to accelerate human-computer interaction.
"No, no comparison in speed between the eye and use a mouse," said Barclay.

Eye-tracking can also offer advantages of energy. The sensor can detect a user's eye and make the screen in microseconds, so low that when the user takes his eyes off the screen within a specified period.

Design and selection of combo

control of the eyes is a natural interface. Using the eyes to point, select and navigate interface is intuitive and complete control as the traditional keyboard and mouse.

"It's as if the computer understands you, just look at an icon or a gadget and more information will be presented," said Barclay.

For example, when someone hesitates at an unknown word while reading device detects the screen automatically extended look and give an explanation.

But what about the involuntary eye movements? "We combined the search click," he said. "Say you want to view a Google map and you know you zoom slider can be frustrating. With eye tracking, just watch and press the space bar to expand by 50 percent or press Alt and 150 percent." Intent can also be detected for the duration of the screen next to a user.

Refinery Interface

Tobii is already in talks with major game developers to integrate eye-tracking for new games. In his demonstration at CeBIT, the company demonstrated its Asteroids where players "shoot them."

The next year or two, Lenovo, and using the Tobii 20 prototype units, which have been manufactured, collects information from users to refine the network, a wireless laptop.


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