Saving Images While Browsing

One of the tips and tricks IPAD make browsing more enjoyable. To save an image you want, tap and hold the image. The system for backup.

Get a Wireless Keyboard

The wireless keyboard is a useful accessory iPad. E 'lightweight and can be used to write data with ease. You can use the keyboard, blue-tooth as well.

Add Links to Favorites on Home Screen

IPAD other tips and tricks for navigation lets you add shortcuts to favorite Web sites on the iPad. Open the site and click the + sign next to the steering box. Select the "add to the house of" display option. His favorite place will come as an icon on the screen.

Get iPad Case

The case is one of the coolest accessories IPAD. It is rigid and you can use to make your iPad stand when you use a foreign keyboard, or when you read. It has a rough surface that facilitates gripping.
Reboot the iPad

IPAD restart is one of the tips and tricks iPad save battery life. By using the power button on the IPAD switches off the screen, the camera will not turn off. Keep both buttons on and the house until a red slider trailing to turn the unit completely. Keep in mind that start then take longer than if only the screen or off.


IOS4.2 IPAD as it may have several applications open IPAD. To switch between applications, double-click the Start button. The screen can be cut and you have a bar downstairs that contains all open applications. Tap the application you want. If you have too much running to the bar to see all of a sudden, just drag the bar and get the rest.

To Mute

Another equally useful tips and tricks iPad, which, fortunately, to compensate for the device there is no mute button. Just hold down the volume switch and the volume is turned off in seconds.

Close iPad Apps

From iOS4.2 allows multiple tasks to be shut down unnecessary applications. Double-click the Start button. When the bottom bar containing the open applications, press and hold one of the applications. All applications will now start to squirm and sporting a minus sign. Click the minus sign to close the application you want to close.

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