Local area networks (LANs) are essential to doing business in the current context. network data, all the tools and information should be accessible by several staff members and contractors quickly and reliably effective. The choice of a LAN system and the preferred supplier is an important decision for the staff of information technology. What are the benefits of a Cisco wireless LAN?

Transferability of Hardware

If a company with a five-year lease may consider installing a copper wire to a wired LAN at a reasonable price, short leases not afford to invest much money in these low costs that can not not be recovered. Companies that have a shorter lease must not forget that Cisco Wireless LAN can be considered an investment that can travel with mobile society.
Customer Service

As a global company with a market share, Cisco Systems, Inc. understands the importance of customer service and technical support for new customers and retain existing ones. They are also better methods of diagnosis and troubleshooting capabilities for their wireless solutions so that IT can actively deal with issues that arise.

Integration of wired and wireless technology

Cisco Infrastructure and Internet operating software system incorporates wireless LAN and wired. This allows cost-effective management of safety, implementation and monitoring of enterprises. The total cost of ownership is low, while combining the best elements of wireless and wireline networks.


As the global multi-national company with seventeen years of experience in consumer electronics and communications, Cisco Systems Inc. has succeeded in creating a society that has developed a reputation for customer service and satisfaction.

Ease of Installation

Besides the fact that the major construction to install the copper wire and fiber optic cables needed for a wired LAN interrupt their activities and that are costly network disruptions and delays in its ability to use is also a concern. Not only a Cisco Wireless LAN requires much less disruption during installation, but the speed at which it will operate is also much higher.

Cost Effectiveness

Cisco Wireless LAN can be a very cost effective solution for businesses. Comparison with the cost of installing the cable network, substantial savings are obvious, especially when it comes to relationships between separate buildings. Copper wire will not be enough over such distances because of the limits of conductivity and cost of fiber optic cables can be prohibitive. Cisco Wireless LAN Access conduct operations effectively bridges between buildings for a relatively cheap price. Minimal hardware is required and installation man hours are significantly reduced leading to a low total cost of ownership.

High Levels of Security

Cisco Wireless LAN intrusion prevention and intrusion detection system are the tools of the industry. These backup systems of information, ensure compliance with security policies and contain / control of wireless threats. Wireless devices and RFID are followed by wireless LAN infrastructure for asset tracking, location security, application equipment policy and IT management. The peace of mind that wireless security systems from Cisco provides is invaluable to business success.

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