The Canon EOS 600D SLR camera is an entry level sports a 18 megapixel sensor, a lover of alleged control interface of the environment and the menu, and an articulated LCD screen of 3 inches. In our tests, we found that could take great pictures and video of 1080 high quality, but the controls are so intuitive and easy to control as it could be. The menu design should also work in presenting information clearly to the first chamber.

Canon EOS 600D: Interface and Design

Canon EOS 600D is a small and light digital SLR camera. It 's just 570 grams when the battery (although you'll need to factor in weight of the lens), and measures 13 cm wide, 10 inches long and 8 cm deep, almost behind the viewfinder in front of the socket. This is a good size for all those who have small hands, but if you have a great meathooks like us, you can often find a little finger hanging off the grip of the camera.
Like most entry-level digital SLR, the EOS 600D has only a single control dial, while devices like the Nikon D7000, EOS 60D and Olympus E-5 have two. This means that if you shoot in manual or program, you must hold down the AV button to change the aperture setting - the slow changes that would otherwise quickly.

Even if the controls are relatively low compared to high-end cameras, which are not very logically arranged in our view, can be clearly identified but are difficult to understand at first glance due to its placement on the contours of the camera. We believe a more traditional design-based network would be more intuitive.

Similarly, the menu is a disappointment. Canon's menu system packs a lot of options on each page, which is great for power users, but we are inclined to think that fans are not discouraged by the complexity of the joint venture, change settings, and learn the pros and cons digital photography.

An excellent upgrade to the Canon EOS 600D gets more than the EOS 550D is an excellent 3-inch LCD front pivot. Is the same screen found on the EOS 60D, and he did an excellent job - very wide viewing angles, high brightness and color saturation. It is also essential to use the camera to capture video in Live View mode, since you can angle and the birthplace of the camera at waist level. It is also exceptionally strong - we had the full weight of the camera against it without twisting the arm or the quiver of the hinge joint.

Canon EOS 600D: performance and photo quality image

Canon EOS 600D can be the first choice for people who love tweaking settings in the shot, but he is doing a great job in its automatic mode. We tested the Canon EOS 600D 18-135mm IS, but you can do a number of objectives including Canon 18-55mm IS II, and 55-250mm IS.

18 megapixels, the EOS 600D can store much more data. It 's the same APS-C 1.6 crop sensor of the ratio of 03:02 and even more expensive EOS 60D Canon EOS 7D, but less effective in image processing by means of burst rate of 3.7fps camera is less than the (still pretty impressive if you ask us). Nothing significant shutter lag - the difference was the button and save the image, which can be several tenths of a second and mirrorless compact camera - and a camera buffer can store about three dozen images at the same time so there ' is no possibility of clogging up the system and had to wait until the second photo.

Entry-level SLR Canon EOS 600D is a versatile ISO performance. Base ISO of 100 was not expected to clean, but the visible noise begins to creep up to about ISO 3200 image ISO 6400 is a well-regulated, and there is the ISO 12 800, corresponding to an option by custom settings. Camera JPG processing of an impression on us - up to ISO 6400 images show no chroma noise (a little 'dots of color) and luminance noise (a little' dark and bright dots) are well under control without excessive smearing or blurring will be introduced.

film performance was another highlight of the Canon EOS 600D. It can capture video in Full HD 1080p 30, 25 or 24 frames per second and 720p at 60 or 50 fps. With the Auto-ISO enabled we have not noticed any significant noise in our digital photography with a 18-135mm lens - even in the dark detail is evident in the video.

Changing the camera pictures is easy - going from black and white landscapes and vivid in Live View mode does a great job to show the various parameters of sharpness, contrast and color saturation. You can also download several images Taikasuodin after taking them - clearly a novelty, but it's a good thing for Canon to remain with their competitors.

Canon EOS 600D: Conclusion

We just have some reservations that prevent us from fully recommending the Canon EOS 600D for amateur photographers. The buttons take a while to get vaccinated (and we believe a more logical system would make it easier to use), and the menu system can sometimes be labyrinthine. This is an excellent choice to shoot in automatic mode and if the photos and videos it produces are truly impressive, given its position as a Canon camera line of entry-level-up.

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