Digital Cameras Olympus WCON-07 0.7x Wide Angle Lens for Various

The conversion lens 0.7x wide-WC0N reduces the magnification of the object at 0.7 x when the camera lens is wide angle. It will help you incorporate more of the image when shooting horizons, group photos, or perhaps at home, just to name a few types of shooting situations.

At the entrance, the wide-angle conversion lens is suitable for use with Olympus C-Four Thousand Fifty Cy C-740 Zoom Camera.

It may be appropriate for use with different order, or maybe even the other models, as shown here, or maybe by the producer.

Consumer Research:

best for a semi-professional digital camera I have a Nikon Coolpix 8700, and the angle of maximum width was in fact the limit of photos you can take from 35 mm. So I guess the goal, as well as an adapter, and actually extends the reach of my camera. I was recently at the statue of independence, and the base, I was able to get my friend, the entire base, and the whole statue, all in the same objective shot.The still quite light and quite heavy. However, it is very important and not so in the camera bags.

Almost better than the Panasonic FZ-5The additional view with the lens means I could run inside and there is no concern to get a great shot ... When I need a flash. The only downside is the goal, there is marked so that the camera flash is blocked.

Otherwise, I have found so little money that the rarer cases in Photoshop, and at least with my setup, no additional bands are artifacts or maybe I saw on the screen or perhaps in five x seven races.

It does not work well within the range of the camera 12x telephoto my (last tunnel vision and visibly smooth edges), while the FZ-Five has a quick outlet adapter lens, if I have to spend that is not a problem .

Outstanding point and shoot wide angle digitalsI've been using the lens for about two years now. Being in Colorado, I shoot tons of pictures, wide angle to the outside. This objective is remarkable my reasons. I got an external slave flash, so I can use the flash with the lens because it is so large that it blocks the internal flash on my Olympus C-500.

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