Digital Camera Sony Alpha NEX 5 Exmor CMOS APS HD Review

Cameras may not sound like the most amazing inventions in those days. But think of a portrait painter, who suddenly realized the difficulties of living, thanks to the magic of this device can make the picture a whole long time ago. Although Google may still pull out of the United Auto Grammatizator hat, there's only so much creativity in technology and gadgets can be effective. It 's probably this unconscious feeling that allows ordinary people to feel like a pro, keeping something NEX-5 by hand or with Photoshop meddle around with the final blow.When sony nx5 camera interchangeable lenses themselves perched in a control desk, we were all too eager to see if the device is actually able to serve the update for the change from standard digital cameras, DSLR-types.

Nex5 sony was delivered to us with a USB cable, battery charger BC-VW1, NP-FW50 1080mAh Li-ion, HVL-detachable F7S, the 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 standard zoom I track all the literature accompanying the inevitable email usual. While the device looks nothing like a fiddler crab, our thoughts rushed to the sea creature on the face of the structure with the target set for him. This probably has to do with the main structure of very thin seemed to struggle clumsily in most of the lens. Sporting a much cleaner look than a traditional digital SLR, the offering is certainly a good piece of equipment. Compared with the NEX-3, its construction is still smaller than the Little Big Shot. But what actually happens on the cake in terms of design is the lens mount that protrudes a bit. The effect is that all the efforts of Sony to erode the strong size perspective.

Along the top are dedicated buttons for video recording and playback of content on / off mechanism. shutter button, microphone and wearing accessories, he can keep flash or a stereo microphone. On the left side and the USB mini-HDMI, while the base is littered with the battery cover / card and tripod. Controls few ignorant his screen has a washer and a silver button each above and below. With protruding battery and a thumb rest, a two-handed grip, which the integrated camera to promote. Turn around and NEX is easy to fall in love with the 3 "TFT LCD TruBlack soon as you see, and even if you see it in full sun, as we have done. It is clearly visible in most lighting conditions, and we do not think anyone other than ardent photographer will actually hate the fact that this screen is in the electronic viewfinder.

We really appreciate the comfort of it is adjustable from 80 to 45 degree angles, while capturing overhead shots and belt.

However, Sony designed the Sony NEX-5 for ordinary people, did not they? It is easy to rejoice at the thought of the help screen guides the user dazzled until you get to use the camera. Like many point-and-shoots, including something as fundamental Kodak model offers all the fireworks amateur photographers would see in a camera, this unit should be anything but friendly. If only we could say that's true. Our hands on the first cameras with NEX in the press release from Sony we blew in the face with a premonition that rang true as we sat Nex5 sony with this review. The functions provided by physical controls take a long time to get used to, and they can feel quite strange, if not threatening, a user first. During the usual after your car keys, functions as the ISO setting or function of the Format menu seems to remain hidden under the superfluous keystrokes with the idea that you only frustrating.

Since Sony is promoting the chamber and the sympathy of the mass migration from digital cameras to the extinction of the DSLR-like, we decided to take some of the main key features. While more megapixels can be considered more efficient for people who are impressed by the number too easily, we have seen pictures of 12MP snapper process much worse than 8MP counterparts when set in automatic mode automatically. Fortunately, with its 14.2-megapixel Sony Exmor CMOS APS HD does not disappoint. Click on the beautiful photographs of the rule or JPEG fine, RAW or JPEG and RAW formats right. All the effects that normally escort similar offers, like the stadium, iAuto, anti blur, 3D speed and taste, manual exposure and support the process. And people who love experimental tinkering around the depth of field, aperture, metering mode, exposure compensation and some may call themselves silly with this gadget.

Of all the marketing tricks allows manufacturers seem Port around their bag of tricks, an incredibly high level ISO usually shows more than others. Sony NEX-5 can deliver lines with Auto ISO 200-12800. We index the optimal ISO prowess of this 3200th gadget Take it higher, and image noise begging hard to be overlooked. The device takes decent MP4 videos and more beautiful full HD 1920 x 1080 / 60i AVCHD content, although control of these modes is unfortunately limited to changing the exposure compensation and manual zoom. And manual zoom allows videos very fragile if you need to move in and out of frames more than once. MP4 content may be taken in VGA or 1440 x 1080 resolutions. As for battery life, you have to go through two to three days on average use or a fun day of trigger-happy.

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