Digital Camera Olympus SZ 30 Long-zoom BSI CMOS reviews

Olympus today unveiled its latest ultra zoom digital camera, illuminated CMOS sensor Olympus SZ-30MR shoes.

Coupling its 16 megapixel sensor, with its huge - but in a dark place with a telephoto lens - 24x optical zoom, the SZ-30MR offers everything from a generous angle 25 mm equivalent to a huge 600 mm telephoto. As expected with this covers much,Olympus includes a sensor shift image stabilization system. No optical or electronic viewfinder, if, with all interactions take place in a 3.0-inch LCD screen with 153k pixels resolution .
The most unusual feature of SZ30MR Olympus is its ability to record two videos simultaneously. Yes, you read that right - while it may sound a bit 'unusual, there is an interesting logic to it. Two recording function allows SZ30MR run the same video in two different resolutions simultaneously or record two versions of the video that includes a digital filter, and the second is a normal version not filtered. Maybe a little 'harder to frame, SZ-30MR, you can also record a movie of normal focal length of the harvest, and one of the most powerful digital zoom, giving a more narrow subject.

The SZ30MR also a relatively rare ability to capture still images while recording video, but with an interruption of the video.

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