Digital Camera Nikon COOLPIX S3100 14 MP review

If you are looking for an affordable digital camera, Nikon seems to think that you are not interested in image quality. It's the only conclusion we can come to try to understand the logic of the S3100. Nikon is perfectly capable of producing low-cost cameras capable, but decided to attract customers with curves and brilliant sound impressive specs, and do not give two cries on the resulting images.

The troublemaker is the key sensor of 14 megapixels. It is a very large number of pixels to cram into a sensor that measures a mere 1/2.3in a corner. The result is a high degree of error, appearing as spotty noise models. Digital processing can hide some extent it also criticizes the details.
This applies to all cameras from 14 megapixels compact, we have seen so far, but the S3100 is much worse than usual. Going back through the archived test plans for hundreds of cameras, we are tempted to say that this device is manufactured by the noisiest images we've ever seen. Pictures taken in bright light at the lowest ISO setting like phone camera images with heavy noise reduction coating the niceties of life. At ISO 400, the treatment should not contain noise, resulting grainy, blotchy mess. Maximum ISO 3200 setting for your images as abstract paintings finger.

Excessive noise has been exacerbated by the lack of optical image stabilization, which would have more shutter speeds and ISO speeds to reduce noise without resulting in blurred images. The S3100 seems to be unaware of the dangers of camera shake, though. In low light without flash, using shutter speeds slower than 1 / 3 seconds to raise the speed above 400 ISO, resulting in images that were both noisy and blurred.

Such a devastating picture quality seems irrelevant to discuss the subtle and interesting case color options (if hot pink is not your thing). Shooting performance was good, but the menu has been slow. We were often in the fact that the settings have been sailed, and then click the OK button - almost every other camera, simply pointing where you just select it. Mandown was woefully unreliable, which encodes only the third hit in the vertical direction. 720p video mode gave acceptable results in well-lit, but there's no optical zoom and clip inside were full of noise.

Nikon is not the only company that seems to do a disservice to their clients - Canon, Fujifilm, Kodak, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung and Sony have launched the entry level cameras from 14 megapixels this year, and are many move to 16 megapixels midrange. We are still testing these models, but our expectations are low. It seems the industry is just responding to what he sees as an insatiable need for more pixels and more, regardless of the consequences for the quality of the image.

So please, do not buy this camera, but also spread the word about megapixel compact camera with inflated assessments. Until demand dries up, apparently none of the major camera manufacturers will be interested in the design of the cameras at low prices, where the quality of the image, rather than clever marketing is the key factor.

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