Canon 'A' series digital cameras have gained a great degree of loyalty with their prices reasonable, reliable, excellent picture quality, reliable performance, durability / longevity and ease of use. PowerShot A330 IS the new will not deviate from this winning formula.

A3300 IS is easy to use and easy to pocket 16 megapixel digital camera with a 5x zoom lens (28mm-140mm equivalent) optical zoom, 3.0 inch LCD and 720p HD video mode. Savvy consumers from exposure to compact cars only for point-and-shoots because they are simple to use, versatile camera incorporates very little other hi-tech toys.
Spring is here (at least in the Ohio Valley), after a very long winter, cold and completely depressing. Large parts of the country had record snowfall, which lets you take pictures of the wonders of winter, but here in the Ohio Valley we do not have enough snow to inspire a good winter pictures. Winter in Louisville, Kentucky (for photographers) is on the dull gray sky, bare trees, the deserted streets, patches of dirty snow, road salt glazing, melting ice, litter weather-worn and mud.

It's wonderful to finally begin to see the sun again. With the arrival of good weather, many consumers think about a new camera next vacation or thinking about buying a camera as a graduation, Mother's Day or Father's Day gift. I had the new Canon PowerShot A3300 IS for a few days, but it seems a very nice. I'll go into more detail in the full review, but until now the A3300 IS seems to be an ideal first digital camera, an excellent choice for the primary family unit, and a very good choice for travelers who want a small and relatively strong, lightweight and relatively cheap "go anywhere" digital camera.

The A3300 IS allows users to capture beautiful images and video clips high definition very detailed with very little effort - regardless of their level of competence in photography. Portraits, landscapes, pictures outdoors lighting situations, night shots, and photos of the interior can be easily captured when users take the A3300 IS Smart Auto. Simply adjust the A3300 IS to "Intelligent Auto" and then focus on capturing the subject at the decisive moment - the camera automatically analyze the scene in front of the lens, then select the appropriate setting of 32 scene modes Special high.

In addition to its small size, 720p movie mode, 3.0 inch LCD, Intelligent Auto Mode and witty, DIGIC IV processor Canon PowerShot A3300 IS provides also resulted OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer), face detection AF, Auto correction Red Eye, Live View Control, and a selection of creative filters. The menus are logical and easy navigation and controls are familiar, well distributed and easily accessible by right-handed shooters. I had the Canon PowerShot A3300 IS for a short period, but so far I like this photo. This does not mean that I did not notice any flaws, but I'll try a full review.


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