Get closer without moving an inch. Samsung PL200 Community PL200ZBPBUS digital camera is fully equipped with a true-color filtered 14.2 megapixel CCD and features a powerful 7x optical zoom. In addition, this camera produces high resolution incredibly detailed images that can be used to print images in poster size. Even the slightest shock can ruin your shot. Dual Image Stabilization on the Samsung PL200 solve this problem.

EC-PL200 PL200ZBPBUS Samsung digital camera is like having a compact camera that takes HD video as photos of professional quality. You can enjoy all this and more with the EC-PL200 PL200ZBPBUS Samsung digital camera!
In general, the picture quality is very good at Samsung PL200. No significant change in the quality up to ISO 400, where the subjects are obviously softer, even in small sizes. In Smart Car or if you have the camera to Auto ISO, ISO 400 PL200 seems to use on your roof, which is good to get the best possible image, but bad if you're shooting indoors or in low light, PL200 go with the speed slow shutter instead of increasing the ISO, which means you need good hands and always issues of photos without blur. ISO 800 is very useful for small prints and web usage, but the colors seem off. We do not recommend the use of ISO 1600 or 3200, because only there are many problems with the color, noise and noise reduction for valid images.

There is a slight barrel distortion at wide angle. There is no significant distortion when the lens is extended, though. Center sharpness is very good to Samsung, and is consistent with the board, except perhaps the very edges. There is softness in the corners, which can make subjects appear smeary when viewed in larger sizes.

The color is very good: bright, pleasant and fairly accurate. Smart Car seems to have striking color in the user program, but it might have more to do with the Samsung settings for individual scene types. The white balance is good, but its presets were better than the auto white balance, and take a manual reading is preferable to a quick. Exposure is generally correct, although I sometimes had plans that were overexposed. The clip shows are fairly common, too.

Video quality is OK, par DVD video playback, which is disappointing considering its 720p HD resolution. Touring the camera too fast-moving subjects or shooting leads to a lot of vibration, but it is a typical point and shoot cameras. In addition, the AV output is connected only and requires its own cable not included.

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