CCTV Camera System Pick up of some suspects with kill

Crime has always been a sad fact of life, even though security cameras have proved a very effective deterrent, some people are so intent to commit a crime he did not consider the consequences. When this occurs, the footage of an incident greatly increases the chances that the responsible party accountable for their actions.

In July 2010, a former welterweight boxing champion stopped at a gas station to put air in the tires with his godson of eleven years in the car. So the boy entered the store, a man approached the former champion with a gun in his hand and asked his championship ring with diamonds and luxury watches. The boxer pulled his own gun and started chasing the thief, to shoot. After a moment, the gunman fled and the former champions competed with another man at a nearby intersection. The two men had a brief conversation, the former prize fighter turned to return to his car and godson. Once appeared to begin the journey back to his car to the man who had spoken with another gun and shot him seven or eight times in the back. Former boxing champion dies soon after, at the age of thirty-eight.
Pause, if there is a little 'luck, a gas station near the apartment building and both had security cameras installed outside the buildings.surveillance cameras catch the gas station and much of the original altercation, including the robber fled. Shortly after the victim was shot, the robber was the same recorded video from a residence, this time with the camera to store suspicion large video cameras and a residential building he proves once again, after a short period time to get in a car fleeing the third arbitrator.

Investigators then began to show images of the thief's face as members of society, and were able to identify the man who committed the attempted robbery, but police struggled to locate it. About two weeks after the incident, turned 20 years old thief in the office of District Attorney. In a day of delivery of the young man, the police was able to locate and apprehend the driver of 25 years on the run. About a week later, the trigger man of 30 years was also arrested after a car chase on the highway robbers. prosecutor's office seeks the death penalty for humans and trigger a life sentence without parole for two other men involved in the shooting.

The members of this community really came forward and tried to help police investigators solve the case, but the cameras in the area gave the detectives their big break. The tragedy that befell this popular public figure is undeniable, but at least the men who captured the summer and soon will face the judge.

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